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Resource Solutions provides market leading intelligence to our clients. Our research consists of reports highlighting the latest trends in recruitment outsourcing, surveys and a series of seminars and round table sessions. The content for the whitepapers and eBooks below are based around our first-hand experience, market research, client surveys and interviews. 

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8 Game-Changing Innovations in AI

8 Game-Changing Innovations in Artificial Intelligence

We reveal the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) making meaningful impact in talent acquisition right now.
Resource Solutions Recruitment Outsourcing Insights

Recruitment Outsourcing Insights

Our annual insights report highlights key changes in the RPO/MSP marketplace and looks to identify the innovations of the year ahead that recruitment professionals across the world will encounter and need to understand.
Gender diversity and leadership

Robot Revolution: Automation and Robotics in Recruitment

The opportunity for HR and recruitment leaders is to harness Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and robot technologies that can have the potential to increase efficiency and reliability.
Olly Harris

Interviews in the Selfie Age

Producing engaging and immersive video content brings employer brands to life. Our Innovation team explores how video and new digital platforms are changing the way we screen and recruit talent.
Olly Harris

Next Generation Talent

Our Innovation team explores the latest trends emerging in the Early Careers space by highlighting innovative products and technologies, and leveraging learnings from pioneering case studies.
Gamification in recruitment

Gamification in Recruitment

How can HR professionals can determine which parts of their recruitment process would benefit from adding element of competition and play?
Olly Harris

Innovation Lookbook

Our Innovation team presents a round up of the latest tools and technologies on the market right now to help take your recruitment efforts to new heights.
Olly Harris

Becoming a Social Business

Outlining the tools to build social talent pools, construct a powerful social employer brand, and enable advocacy-at-scale, we provide a road map to building a social recruiting business.
Gender diversity and leadership

Gender Diversity and Leadership

We explore the effectiveness of current retention strategies to empower and advance women in the workplace.