2024 Global Technology Sector Market Intelligence Report

Market Intelligence  •  15 March 2024

In the face of economic uncertainty, the tech industry stands at a crossroads. While some companies are cutting back on tech talent, others are seizing opportunities.

Internal mobility is now also a priority, with 80% of organisations planning to fill 10% of open positions internally within the next 1-2 years.

In this dynamic landscape, organisations are recognising the need to be adaptable by increasing IT budgets by 10%, signalling a commitment to invest in the future of their workforce.

Download our latest Market Intelligence report on the 2024 Global Technology Sector, powered by our RSIntelligence, for expert insights into the tech sector, including: 

  1. Growth in AI, Cyber security, cloud and infrastructure continue to outpace other tech careers.
  2. How tech jobs continue to grow despite the economic downturn and ongoing layoffs.
  3. Increased demand for contract workers in the tech space. 
  4. The need of upskilling, reskilling and internal mobility initiatives to plug talent gaps. 
  5. How skills-based hiring is gaining even more prominence within the industry.

And much more...

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