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Beyond the Rainbow: How managers can support LGBTQi+ staff webinar on-demand

Watch our on-demand webinar as our expert panel explores the hurdles and challenges LGBTQi+ professionals face at work, as well as outlines the actions managers and leaders can take to overcome them.

Transforming DE&I from good intentions to good practice on-demand

Tom Lakin, Director of Innovation, Resource Solutions, joined Talent Experience Live to explore how to take inclusion efforts from lip service to action through data-driven goals and initiatives.

Inclusivity auditing your recruitment: How to remove 'innocent ignorance' webinar on-demand

Watch our webinar to get insights on how auditing your recruitment process can enable meritocratic hiring and get practical tips to minimise bias in your hiring journey.

HR Data Science 2022

Director of Innovation, Faye Walshe, shares insightful Market Intelligence data for successful sourcing and recruitment. We provide our customers with Market Intelligence that empowers them to successfully navigate the new dynamic.

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