Tackling women’s health taboos in the workplace

Podcast  •  10 June 2021

When more than 50% of the population are female, why are so many of us uncomfortable talking about women’s health in the workplace? As times and attitudes change, are we becoming more open to discussing a subject that has far-ranging implications for physical and mental health, as well as productivity in the workplace and businesses’ bottom line?

Jo Campos, the Head of our Global Service Centre in Manchester, UK, asked these very questions of Dr Vicky Hobbs and Dr Heidi Kerr, two practising NHS doctors with over 30 years of practical medical experience, and co-founders of VHK Education.

Join us as we discuss why some subjects are still considered taboo, and how employers can support their female workforce through issues such as the menopause, endometriosis and fertility. 

Jo Campos

Head of Global Service Centre / EMEA D&I Lead

Resource Solutions • LinkedIn

Dr Vicky Hobbs & Dr Heidi Kerr

GP Partners and Directors

VHK Education

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