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Audit your Employee Sustainability Proposition (ESP) to attract and retain top talent

What is ESG for HR?

Our ESG for HR Practice is the first specialist consultancy of its kind, providing insights into your Employee Sustainability Proposition (ESP)’s effectiveness and perception among current and prospective employees.

A robust Employee Sustainability Proposition (ESP) is essential for building a lasting talent attraction and retention strategy and should be seamlessly integrated into your employer brand strategy. Failure to communicate this effectively puts you at risk of losing high-valued talent amid the backdrop of a skills shortage.

What is an Employee Sustainability Proposition (ESP)?

Employee Sustainability Proposition (ESP) is the environmental, social and governance promises you make as an employer to your employees, and forms part of your overall Employer Value Proposition (EVP), which is the sum package of benefits and rewards employees receive from the organisation they work for. 

Our audit will offer valuable insights into the effectiveness of your Employee Sustainability Proposition (ESP) and how it's perceived by both current and prospective employees. We will provide actionable recommendations to enhance your Employee Sustainability Proposition (ESP), thereby strengthening your ability to attract and retain top-tier talent.

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Why is an Employee Sustainability Proposition (ESP) important?


1. Keeping up with evolving attitudes towards sustainability

Climate change has shifted from being something that impacts others to something that impacts us personally. This change in attitudes naturally bleeds into the workplace. The growing trend of employees demanding sustainable, inclusive, and ethical practices means Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is now a business imperative for HR and Talent Acquisition leaders.

2. The impact of 'climate quitting' on organisations

The skills shortage remains a growing issue for organisations, and the readiness of individuals to quit their jobs over the perceived lack of ESG practices from employers, a term coined as 'climate quitting', only contributes to the skills shortage problem.


The Employee Sustainability Proposition (ESP), from the ESG for HR practice, provided a deep analysis of our sustainability initiatives essentially ‘holding a mirror up’ to our current practices and commitments and how we communicate this. This data-led approach allowed us to not only see what we are doing well but also where we needed to improve. As a purpose-led bank, it’s essential that our employee value proposition mirrors the Environmental, Social and Governance principles that are at the heart of our organisation. The Audit provided the insights, rationale and recommendations required to enable us to make real progress on this journey. 

Catherine Ridd, HR Director, Triodos Bank


Client partners Triodos Bank UK awarded Best ESG Strategy at the HR Excellence Awards

Our client partners Triodos Bank UK have been awarded the Best ESG Strategy at the HR Excellence Awards for their adoption of our ESG for HR solution. HR Excellence is a prestigious awards body that recognises organisations' positive impacts in the field of HR. 


Resource Solutions Innovation of the Year winner for the ESG for HR practice

We are thrilled to announce that Resource Solutions has won Innovation of the Year at the esteemed Talint International Annual Recruitment Awards (TIARA) - Europe.

Building a business case for sustainable HR: a guide for HR leaders

In our latest E-Guide, we set out how HR Leaders can shape and own the Employee Sustainability agenda. We explore more about, attracting in-demand talent, climate quitting and retaining top-performing talent, and​ achieving your ESG targets.


The Employee Sustainability Proposition (ESP) Audit assesses an organisation's sustainability proposition using our 5 Spheres of Interest model: 


Employees care about the micro impacts that they can control and the sustainability of their employer e.g., tax-free electric car schemes or work phone reuse. 


Social: Impact, purpose, meaning
Why do employees get out of bed and work each day? Does your organisation have a genuine purpose beyond shareholder value? 


Social: Self and wellness
Employees demand a safe, stable, rewarding, and enriching workplace. How does your organisation serve your employees? 


Social: Belonging, inclusion and diversity
Does your organisation reflect the communities you aim to represent? How do you ensure that everyone feels they belong? 


In 2023, employees trust their employers more than governments (Edelman Trust Barometer). Is your organisation worthy of this trust?   

Auditing an organisation’s Employee Sustainability Proposition (ESP) takes around 6 weeks and the output is a step-by-step roadmap for actioning meaningful change and improving employee and candidate messaging. Click here to schedule an initial scoping session with our ESG for HR team 

“The rising phenomenon of employees asserting their desire for sustainability in a company can no longer be overlooked. Our pioneering ESG for Hiring Practice is the first of its kind and takes a revolutionary approach. We harness the power of science and data to deploy audits that help clients meet the demands of ESG and diverse hiring practices and in doing so, not only attract, engage, and retain top-tier talent but also fortify their businesses to thrive now and in the future”.

Tom Lakin, Global Practice Director, Resource Solutions



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