RPO On-Demand: Switch on and scale up,
with no long-term commitment

A flexible, subscription-based recruitment solution

What is RPO On-Demand?

RPO On-Demand is a subscription-based, bolt-on recruitment solution designed to support organisations experiencing spikes in their hiring requirements. Our service increases your recruitment capacity, without increasing headcount or long-term spend. 

The solution, supporting permanent and fixed term hiring, delivers: 

  • All the benefits of a full talent acquisition team, with zero long-term commitment
  • Swift, direct access to the best talent in the market ​
  • Support from a dedicated, scalable team of recruitment specialists
  • Bespoke insights and market intelligence to inform your hiring plans
  • Monthly subscription costs with flexibility to switch the service on and off as needed
  • A complimentary discovery session to identify additional opportunities across your recruitment strategy


Benefits of RPO On-Demand

Access to talent

Our expert recruiters know how and where to find the skills you need, quickly

Cost savings

Reduced reliance on agencies will reduce recruitment spend, ensuring you don’t pay over the odds for top talent. ​

Time back for your teams

Our experts will find and engage candidates, giving you time back to focus on priority tasks. 

One point of contact

A Relationship Manager will manage all recruitment requests, driving the success of the solution and keeping us accountable.


Switch on when you need us, and switch off when you don’t. Our scalable team flexes to meet changing demands. 

A streamlined process

Designed by experts, the RPO On-Demand process is straightforward, and results driven.  

Your dedicated RPO On-Demand team will take time-consuming tasks such as sourcing, screening, scheduling and offer management off your hands. We will proactively source and talent pool, screen candidates, and manage interviews and offer negotiations on your behalf. We do all the heavy lifting, leaving you time to interview and on-board your new hires.

Your RPO On-Demand team:

A guide to RPO On-Demand

HR and recruitment challenges are common for small to medium sized businesses who are competing with large companies (with large recruiting budgets) in a difficult talent market. Download our RPO On-Demand Capability Report to find out how a flexible, subscription-based recruitment solution can fulfil your hiring needs and support your business growth goals.

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