Responding to mass redundancies: How to downsize ethically 

Written by Tom Lakin  •  Employer Brand  •  16 December 2022

A new wave of mass firings at Twitter have hit the headlines, but as others including Meta and Airbnb have shown, there are ways to cut staff with empathy.

The recent wave of redundancies, particularly in US-headquartered tech employers, has highlighted a new trend: faceless firing. In November, Twitter employees discovered their fate via email and, back in March, employees of P&O Ferries watched their redundancy announcement via video.

In times of global uncertainty, redundancies are, of course, more likely. But an ethical and equitable approach to letting staff go is possible and it makes good business sense.

It is vital to remember that you’re dealing with people, not stats. Any large restructure should be approached with a good dose of empathy and a clear plan of action. Here are six ways to apply an ethical framework to any downsizing or redundancy process.

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