Break the bias: Achieving gender equality in the workplace

Diversity  •  27 November 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a reversal effect on gender equality. In 2021, the percentage of women in or looking for work in the US was at 57.4% – the lowest it had been since December 1988.

Many organisations want to actively promote gender equality in the workplace. But even with the best intentions, bias can be unconsciously embedded within every stage of the recruitment process. This puts women at a disadvantage and stifles any effort towards the development of a truly inclusive culture.  

Download this guide to learn:

  • Why the pandemic has left gender equality in a vulnerable position
  • The biases embedded in your recruitment process
  • How an inclusivity audit can banish bias from your recruitment process
  • How to optimise job adverts to make them more inclusive 

In addition, Break the bias: Achieving gender equality in the workplace explores what it means to be a male ally and provides actionable tips for supporting women at work. As so many of these roadblocks are hidden, it’s not about who is to blame – it’s about moving beyond and breaking the bias.

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