A one-stop market intelligence platform, empowering you to make data-led sourcing decisions.

What is RSIntelligence?

RSIntelligence is our one-stop market intelligence platform, powered by 100+ data sources and a global team of data scientists. Experts in talent analytics and the economic and demographic factors that influence them, our RSIntelligence team conducts research, crunches data, and provides actionable insights that put the information you need to make better hiring decisions at your fingertips. RSIntelligence provides:

  • A thorough understanding of current and new markets
  • Clear visibility of previously untapped sourcing opportunities
  • In-depth salary benchmarking figures
  • A strong competitive advantage due to greater levels of insight
  • The tools to build a truly data-led sourcing strategy

Our easy-to-use, cloud-based platform contains 5 key modules offering clients access to an always-on, personalised talent analytics resource.

Top 10 benefits of RSIntelligence

24/7 support
Our Data Insights Analysts are available to support you and can be contacted at any time

Cost saving
Increase direct hires, reduce cost-per-hire, and understand the most cost-efficient locations to hire into

Clearly understand which elements of your data are above and below market average

Remove guesswork
Eliminate ambiguity when it comes to workforce planning and make data-led decisions

Time saving
RSintelligence is self-service and accessible via any web browser, at any time​

Data updates regularly to ensure quality and accuracy as the market changes

Data export
Data can be easily exported to PDF or PowerPoint and inserted into your own documents

MI report library
Access to every RSIntelligence MI report dating back to 2021. New reports are released each quarter

Tailored intelligence
Bespoke MI reports and data analysis can be commissioned to further meet the needs of a particular project

Improve diversity
Gender and ethnicity data helps to eliminate bias and indicates how and where to improve diverse hiring


Talent supply and demand analytics

What is it?
A visual representation of talent supply and demand within a particular role, skillset, or location.​

What are the benefits?​
Data is sourced from over 1 billion candidate profiles, then presented and benchmarked against national averages to determine how sourcing should be approached. Data includes information on competitors, skills, attrition, growth, pay, gender, and experience. 

How is it utilised?​
Heatmaps are the first port-of-call when a role is raised. The data can be used by recruiters to discuss opportunities with hiring managers and set expectations accurately.


Location intelligence and macro trends

What is it?
A dashboard overview of specific locations’ labour markets and recruitment culture.

What are the benefits?​
RSMarketview shines a spotlight on the market you are operating in, providing data on the competition, unemployment rates, diversity ratios, macroeconomic factors, demographics, and even environmental issues such as carbon emission levels.  ​

How is it utilised?​
RSMarketview helps determine location strategies, offering the ability to compare location data side-by-side and present automated data-led recommendations.​


Written analysis and insight

What is it?
Written reports featuring analysis of a specific market, trend, or sector. 

What are the benefits?​
These reports allow clients to understand and contextualise the market, avoid the risks associated with sourcing talent, and gain a competitive edge via trend analysis.

How is it Utilised?​
To gain further, in-depth understanding of a particular trend, market or sector. All reports are housed within a library that stores historical content and updates quarterly with new releases.


Salary benchmarking

What is it?
A self-service salary benchmarking tool, updated quarterly with unique Robert Walters and Resource Solutions placement data to provide the latest market rates in the UK and US.

What are the benefits?​
Access to accurate salary data to support or challenge current rate cards and salary bandings. RSPaypulse saves costs by removing the need to source rate cards from agencies and increases efficiency as a self-service tool, accessible 24/7.

How is it utilised?​
Determine market rates for roles being sourced, see demand trends, and project salary direction. Data highlights cost-saving opportunities as well as where salary offers should be increased to secure talent.


Early careers data

What is it?
RSGradview provides analysis of historic graduate hiring and intake trends looking at universities as sources of talent. 

What are the benefits?
Access to metrics including quality and cost of hire, alignment fit, marketing ROI and offer renege provide actionable insights to ensure the best approach to early careers recruitment.

How is it utilised?
Make specific recommendations based on the data available to optimise graduate hiring strategy. External and client data is also plugged in and analysed, including department ranking, student satisfaction, performance and graduate prospects.


How RSintelligence helped a global banking giant improve gender diversity

The challenge

A banking client was looking to increase equality through their diversity programme by tailoring their hiring process to cater towards diverse candidates. However, the client did not have full visibility of the market averages when it came to gender equality. The lack of data meant the client could not determine what was above or below average.

Our solution

RSIntelligence performed gender diversity benchmarking across key competitors to contextualise the client's positioning against the market average. This revealed which functions within the business needed improvement to achieve parity. RSIntelligence also produced a breakdown of diversity initiatives in various industries across the UK and US to help the client understand why competitors were performing well in this space.

Our research revealed that the biggest diversity gap was in Banking & Financial Services across the UK. In addition, we also highlighted the initiatives that CEOs were making across all industries in the US in order to bridge the diversity gap and create more leadership roles within the black community.


  • Multiple D&I roles in high demand were filled.
  • Availability of CWR & Perm professions in the market helped frame the D&I achievements in relation to market standard for the account.
  • Quarterly reports assisted clients in initiating the beginning stages of workforce planning and influenced the client’s hiring perspective.

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