Diverse Hiring

Helping employers create deliberate, measurable and impactful inclusive hiring outcomes.

What is diverse hiring?

Creating a diverse, inclusive workplace that accurately reflects the communities you aim to represent requires an effective recruitment process that develops a workforce with underrepresented individuals from different backgrounds, based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and more. This mix of viewpoints can lead to a host of benefits for a company including:

  • Innovation and creativity
  • Better problem-solving
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower employee attrition

A business imperative
Demands for more diversity in the workplace from employees, shareholders, and other key stakeholders are now a business imperative. Moreover, ethnically and culturally diverse boards are 40% more likely to have higher profits compared to low-diversity boards. Our pioneering data-informed hiring audit removes biases, from the recruitment process allowing you to create a diverse workplace.

Unlock the potential of a diverse workforce: 6 key benefits


Increased profitability
Organisations with high levels of diversity are up to 120% more likely to reach their financial goals.

Enhanced talent attraction 
In a competitive talent landscape, candidates seek purpose and belonging. A diverse workforce attracts this sought-after talent. 

Lower staff turnover 
In-demand, skilled talent are disproportionately more likely to quit. their jobs if an organisation's values do not align with theirs. A diverse workforce can help with employee attrition. 

Faster innovation
Organisations are capable of innovating faster due to a wide range of different perspectives and experiences offered by employees.

Higher employee engagement
A diverse workforce boosts belonging and engagement among employees benefiting the entire organisation. 

Competitive edge
Prioritising diversity provides a competitive edge. Diverse teams offer different perspectives allowing for improved problem-solving capabilities.

Meet our Diverse Hiring Practitioners

“Recruitment processes, technology and content often advantage some communities and disadvantage others. This hidden bias can introduce barriers to under-represented candidates and this bias needs to be identified and minimised.  We specialise in data and research-based analysis and auditing to help organisations achieve genuinely meritocratic hiring.”

Tom Lakin, Global Practice Director, Resource Solutions


“Observing the transformation of audit recommendations into reality is the most gratifying aspect of my role. Our audits not only highlight innovative initiatives within these organisations but also provide insights into areas where improvements could be made. By delivering best-in-class examples and customised solutions, we've enabled these organisations to take meaningful steps toward creating more inclusive recruitment processes.”

Pip Wells, Diverse Hiring Manager, Resource Solutions

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Drive meaningful change in your organisation

What is it?

Our Diverse Hiring Practice has been working with clients across APAC, EMEA and North America to minimise bias in hiring since 2015.  Initially, these projects were impactful but lacked cohesion. 

In 2015, the team built a Recruitment Inclusivity Audit, analysing an end-to-end recruitment process for bias through 8 diversity lenses.  This audit analyses every single candidate touch point in a recruitment journey, from the moment a candidate starts their job search online, through to careers page content, application process, interview and selection and onboarding.  This approach enables end-to-end visibility and transparency of active and hidden barriers and bias. 

The audit process typically lasts 4-6 weeks with key strengths, weaknesses and actionable recommendations played back in a workshop at the end of the audit.

What are the benefits?

The audit acts as a ‘mystery shopper’ – providing a deep analysis of what an organisation is currently doing brilliantly (and should keep doing) as well as the weaknesses where bias is prevalent (and should be minimised).  The audit provides an actionable list of detailed, fact-based, recommendations aligned to each of the 8 diversity lenses, providing a ‘to-do list’ to enable meaningful change.  Audited clients can action these changes in weeks rather than months or years.

How is it utilised?

This audit serves as a pivotal starting point to strategically reshape your talent acquisition process, ensuring it becomes genuinely accessible and inclusive to candidates from underrepresented backgrounds who are often overlooked and neglected at some stage of the hiring journey.

The audit findings and recommendations are then shared with key change-makers in an organisation from ED&I and HR leaders to EXCO and C-suite.

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Inclusive Recruitment & Innocent Ignorance training

What is it?

Recruitment and ignorance awareness pinpoint unconscious biases within the hiring process. It highlights where decisions influenced by stereotypes or preconceptions, often made unknowingly, impact decision-making when hiring. 

Unlike unconscious bias training, our Inclusive Recruitment and Innocent Ignorance training focuses specifically on immediate behaviour change – flagging our ‘innocent ignorance’ and practical steps to mininise or remove bias in our behaviours.

Training is delivered in an engaging virtual session (intimate or large-scale) to hiring managers, by our award-winning Diverse Hiring Practitioners. 

What are the benefits?

Hiring managers will ultimately be the reason an organisation is diverse and representative of the community, or not.  It is hiring managers who are both the ‘gatekeepers’ and ‘evangelists’ of an employer.  Therefore, it is vital that these managers are upskilled and brought on the diverse hiring journey – rather than ‘tick box’ exercises, our training provides meaningful, useful, and practical skills that simply enable the hiring managers to make better, meritocratic hiring decisions. 

How is it utilised?

Our clients typically identify priority groups of hiring managers to launch the Inclusive Recruitment & Innocent Ignorance training – often hiring managers who have not previously engaged with ED&I, managers of teams with disproportionately low diversity, first-time hiring managers or managers of high-growth teams. Sessions are either 1-hour online sessions or 2 hour in-person workshops. 

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Additional Diverse Hiring Services


Recognition for our Diverse Hiring solutions

How critical are hiring managers to ED&I success?

Your hiring managers hold the paint brush for your workforce canvas, and their decisions shape the fabric of the organisation. We shed light onto how hiring managers hold the key to better inclusion, and how best to empower this responsibility.


The corporate implications of bias ignorance

There is comprehensive proof that a lack of diversity in a workforce can lead to strategic and financial detriment. We shed some light on some symptoms you may see when your organisation fails to adopt a comprehensive diverse hiring strategy.


Are your vendors delivering on diversity?

Since 2015, we have supported our client partners to minimise bias within their hiring process. Through our experiences, we have derived four key questions to ask when considering a recruitment vendor to meet your organisation’s diverse hiring goals.



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