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What is Recruit Train Deploy?

Recruit Train Deploy (RTD) is a cost-effective and socially conscious way to utilise flexible resource, build a tech talent pipeline, improve your team’s diversity and reduce ever-expanding skills gaps. But only a global talent business with our critical mass of clients, candidates and consultants can deliver the skills you need - and the long-term training, support and opportunities that high-potential people deserve.

How does it work?

RTD programmes deliver the flexible, accredited skills your business needs, without the responsibility and cost of managing the learning and development journeys of early-in-career talent. For a single, all-in fee, we transform high-potential candidates into high-impact tech consultants.

We recruit and assess diverse, early-in career talent and employ them from day one. We set up bespoke bootcamps to develop the technical and commercial skills training they need to hit the ground running. We coach and mentor their careers throughout their placement. And after 24 months, our consultants join your team permanently, or are redeployed.  

What we deliver

Fresh talent, ready to go

Our RTD programmes give you access to a fresh and flexible pipeline of early-in-career talent without needing to manage their learning and development journeys. So you can expand and future-proof your tech teams with qualified, vetted, high-potential consultants without co-employment risks.

Tailored training               

We combine a powerful blend of learning methods to ensure our consultants are ready to contribute from day one. Our bespoke bootcamps range from one week to 12 twelve weeks and are designed specifically to deliver the accredited technical skills and commercial capabilities you need, when you need them. 

Agile, empowered teams

By adding flexible resource to your teams, you’re bringing new talent into the business, without putting pressure on your existing teams to coach or develop their skills. Meanwhile, you are freeing up more experienced employees to do higher value work. 

Ongoing development    

We support our consultants to grow with you throughout their assignment. Our career development framework provides coaching, mentoring and the chance to constantly upgrade and update their skills. After 24 months, our consultants transition to be a permanent part of your team or redeploy with a new role or client.


Expertise and experience

We bring all our expertise in recruitment, assessment and training to the delivery of bespoke, de-risked, candidate-friendly RTD programmes that deliver the accredited skills you need.

Global reach

The size and scope of our recruitment business gives you access to a rich pipeline of talent, from across the world, and offers the people on our programmes a lifetime of opportunities in tech.

Positive social impact

By focusing on skills-based recruitment and ongoing development, our RTD programmes promote diversity and encourage social mobility. We help you discover untapped potential and increase access to the tech industry for brilliant, highly committed candidates from under-represented or disadvantaged groups.

High-value, single-cost solutions

There are no hidden costs with RTD. The daily rate for our consultants covers their recruitment, training, onboarding, development, and retention, including comprehensive ongoing support and mentoring, career planning, salary increases and loyalty bonuses. Throughout, we’ll work closely with you to find the skills you need within your budget.

“The Resource Solutions team worked with us to transform our talent pipelines and expand access to our tech roles for a more diverse candidate pool. It’s a project we’re truly proud of, delivering the exact skills we need. This work is now a core component of our overall talent acquisition, skills pipelining and diversity strategy.”




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