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Outsource the management of your consultancy spend to recruitment specialists.

The outsourced services procurement market leaders

As a market leader in the delivery of outsourced services procurement, we are well placed to assist you with the management of your Statement of Work spend. We can provide this to you as a standalone service, or as part of a wider Total Talent Management strategy that incorporates all the benefits of RPO and MSP services.

Our Statement of Work (SoW) provision is split into three service levels.

The management of the entire Source to Contract (S2C) process for Human Capital / Workforce SOW engagements. This service includes full management of the supply chain, project discovery, identification of project deliverables, competitive bidding, contract negotiation and supplier on / off boarding with regular supplier rationalisation. 

A consultative triage service to ensure business hiring requests are fulfilled through the most appropriate engagement channel. Service includes tracking individual resource onboarded and offboarded within a client’s SOW worker population. No contractual commitment to suppliers or involvement in the payment cycle.

The management of the administrative process surrounding SOW / services procurement. Includes the administrative creation and tracking of the SOW contract, holding contracts with the suppliers, managing payments, tracking performance against milestones / deliverables and on/off boarding suppliers.

The benefits of our Service Procurement Management (SPM) Service

  • Visibility and insight

    More control of who is in your business with advanced detailing of resources and overall spend activity via a Vendor Management System (VMS)

  • Supply Chain optimisation

    Establishing strategic partnerships with the supply chain and elevate performance by driving quality through service guidelines and efficiency gains. 

  • Governance and Risk Mitigation through Process Standardisation

    Relieve administrative burdens on Hiring Managers by preventing 'paper SOWs' and 'rogue workers' becoming an IR35 vulnerability. Resource compliance to be completed prior to starting and regularly audited. 

  • Enhance Billing, Invoice and Expense Management

    Mitigates the need for raising indivdual purchase orders by tracking and auto invoicing in the Vendor Management System, providing clear audit trails and streamlining the invoicing process. 


SoW management at a global Financial Services client 

The challenge

Our global Financial Services client was looking for a trusted recruitment partner to reduce their staffing, consultancy and recruitment costs. 

Our solution

An off-site team of our specialist recruiters delivered our multi-territory consultant management programme. This focused on working with our client to refine and streamline their existing recruitment processes, while at the same time reallocating expensive consultancy hiring to contingent workers. Our team processed all contract renewals and extensions, and provided our client’s hiring managers with regular reports on hiring processes and cost savings. 


  • Annual cost savings of £2.8m for our client, primarily by reassigning consultancy resource to lower-cost contingency workers.
  • The improved processes implemented by our team resulted in reduced time to onboard and offboard consultants, including arranging IT access and security passes.
  • The greater engagement of the client’s hiring managers with the end-to-end hiring process significantly increased compliance with company process.


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