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ESG: How purpose and meaning can elevate your employer brand

Can embracing purpose help you improve your company’s employer brand and attract top talent? Esteemed Sustainability coach/ESG coach Kate Adams joins our RS Consultancy’s Faye Walshe and Tom Lakin to discuss the landscape of environmental, social, and governance in 2023.
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Ethical downsizing: Promoting empathy to avoid “faceless firing”

Our Chief People Officer Kirsty Adams joins RS Consultancy’s Faye Walshe and Tom Lakin to share practical tips to help leaders conduct workforce downsizing in an effective and empathetic manner.
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Gamified assessments: The answer to meritocratic hiring

In this instalment of Hire Wire, we’ll explore the exciting world of gamified assessment, including the nuances of this technology, the traits and behaviours it can reveal, and what makes it such a timely innovation.

Tackling women’s health taboos in the workplace

When more than 50% of the population are female, why are so many of us uncomfortable talking about women’s health in the workplace? Join us as we discuss why some subjects are still considered taboo, and how employers can support their female workforce.

Putting experience at the heart of your business

The demand on businesses today to unite their people is more prevalent than ever. What physical, operational, and emotional experiences are they having over what we want them to have? And how does this affect attraction, engagement, retention, and productivity?

Resilience in the workplace

In our first Hire Wire podcast, Norma Gillespie, our Managing Director of operations in the EMEA and US regions, talks with Natalie Hall and Phanella Fine, the co-founders of Risewell, to discuss resilience in the workplace during an uncertain and challenging time.

Partner Podcasts

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Flex-Agility Test: What to Know When Selecting an RPO Partner

Peter Simandl, SVP at Resource Solutions NA, has taken a few moments of his time with HRO Today CEO, Elliot Clark to share practical advice on how to approach the evaluation and purchasing process of a Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution.
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Data, Data Everywhere and Not a Drop to Think – Exploring the Usability of HR Technology

In this podcast with HRO Today, Dawn Sloan our SVP Account Director and Duncan Ward our Global Director, RS Consultancy, discuss how data informs HR decisions and how HR leaders use HR tools to climb their mountains of data.
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Open-minded solutions: Flexibility to touch your RPO toes

In this insightful podcast with HRO Today, Kristin Thomas, President, North America for Resource Solutions, discusses the flexibility of RPO solutions that are readily available today.
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Remotely interested? How TA leaders can manage recruitment of hybrid or remote workers

In this podcast with HRO Today, Jeff Sunderland, our Head of Sourcing for North America, discusses how TA leaders can get competitive when recruiting remote and hybrid workers.

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