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ESG: How purpose and meaning can elevate your employer brand

Can embracing purpose help you improve your company’s employer brand and attract top talent? Esteemed Sustainability coach/ESG coach Kate Adams joins our RSConsultancy’s Faye Walshe and Tom Lakin to discuss the landscape of environmental, social, and governance in 2023.
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Gamified assessments: The answer to meritocratic hiring

In this instalment of Hire Wire, we’ll explore the exciting world of gamified assessment, including the nuances of this technology, the traits and behaviours it can reveal, and what makes it such a timely innovation.

Tackling women’s health taboos in the workplace

When more than 50% of the population are female, why are so many of us uncomfortable talking about women’s health in the workplace? Join us as we discuss why some subjects are still considered taboo, and how employers can support their female workforce.

Partner Podcasts

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The next generation of Filipino talent has arrived

A new generation of talent has arrived, more autonomous, tech-savvy, and flexible than its predecessors. Cristina Junio, Head of Sales and Operations at Resource Solutions, gives an overview of the talent crunch in the Philippines.
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Moving beyond the fixed infrastructure in recruiting - How a variable recruitment function can improve the hiring experience for all involved

Kristin Thomas, President of North America for Resource Solutions, joins HRO Today CEO Elliot Clark to discuss TA department design and how companies can use an outsourced RPO solution to create a variable recruitment infrastructure.
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Making an (Appropriately Sized) Bang with a Talent Partner

Sarah Keady, SVP for Operations in North America at Resources Solutions joins the HRO Today Educational Podcast to discuss the complex process of designing and implementing an RPO partnership. From setting realistic expectations during the roll out to managing a robust transition of responsibilities, Sarah and host Elliot Clark, CEO of HRO Today, explore the nuances of finding and developing the right RPO partner.
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Open-minded solutions: Flexibility to touch your RPO toes

In this insightful podcast with HRO Today, Kristin Thomas, President, North America for Resource Solutions, discusses the flexibility of RPO solutions that are readily available today.

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