Office could be sanctuary for UK workers fearing winter fuel bills

Written by Adam McCulloch  •  Future of work  •  03 November 2022

Rising costs have prompted 42% of UK workers to consider heading for the office in order to save money on home energy bills, according to a recent survey conducted by Resource Solutions.

Younger workers were most likely to consider leaving their homes to work in offices for this reason (76%), while this reason was given by one in four (26%) of workers already choosing to come into the office. Our research also found that a third of workers had not had a pay rise within the past year.

Women had fared worse than men when it came to the rise in the cost of living: although 37% of men received a pay rise to help them adjust to rising costs, only 29% of women stated the same reason for a pay rise, if a rise was received at all.

The threat of a recession by the end of the year could also see companies retaining more staff: 41% of workers told researchers they were more likely to stay in their current job and only 17% reported considering changing jobs in light of economic predictions.

CEO Norma Gillespie comments:

“As uncertainty around the near future grows – some workers are beginning to find the idea of quitting their jobs too risky. Whether they are more likely to leave or stay in their current role, the current cost of living crisis is encouraging employees to evaluate their financial position and assess the job security in their current position or elsewhere. There is some truth in the well-known and unfortunate saying of ‘last in, first out’, and employees know this all too well.”

For further insights into how the rising cost of living crisis is affecting employees, click here to read the full article at Personnel Today.

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