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Build a balanced, flexible workforce driven by cutting-edge insight, control and compliance. 

Strengthen your talent strategy

We have been delivering Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions since 1997. Working in partnership with our clients to design service models that meet their specific outsourcing needs and business objectives. We deliver services that are: 

  • Aligned

    We are aligned to our clients wider resourcing strategy, ensuring their CWS is structured to support the wider direction of the business and deliver impact. 

  • Experience focused

    We maximise all the 'moments that matter' throughout the recruitment process. We will deliver a consistent, high quality experience for all users of the process, whether they be candidates, Hiring Managers or suppliers.

  • Visually enhanced

    We enhance visibility of recruitment data for our clients through our insights suite, RSIntelligence, which empowers data driven decision making. This balances risk, cost and control with outcome. 

Guiding clients through a changing landscape

Throughout our client partnerships, the non-permanent landscape has changed considerably due to the ways contingent workers are engaged and the introduction of legislation, including AWR and IR35. We have guided our MSP clients through these changes, not only ensuring they are compliant with legislation, but that their programme remains market-leading and they can attract top contingent talent both directly and using diverse supply chains.

De-risk and reduce reliance

The contingent workforce market is heavily influenced by global economic performance and stability. The better an economy performs, the greater the need for staffing of all types due to the correlation between GDP and staffing revenue. Contingent worker / MSP programmes have become a way to de-risk the use of contractors, as well as reducing reliance on agencies to supply high-margin candidates. 

Over the next two to three years, we foresee several shifts in non-permanent workforces. Our focus for 2022/23 is to equip ourselves to help our clients navigate these market changes, using the following approaches:


Contingent employer branding proposition

With the contingent market encompassing temporary workers, contractors and SOW programmes, it is an ever-growing channel of engaging talent. Jobs for life are a thing of the past and organisations need to be able to compete and offer a specific Contingent Employer Branding Proposition (CEBP) to attract contingent talent. An increasing number of people are now looking for contingent roles that require their technical skillsets, without them needing to make a long-term commitment to an organisation.


An ever-growing channel of engaging talent

People are looking for more flexibility in terms of where and when they complete their work. The impact of Covid-19 has hugely accelerated the growth of flexible working arrangements, with a significant portion of the UK workforce transitioning to working from home with minimal impact on their productivity, and childcare implications forcing people to work more flexible hours. The desire for flexible or agile working is now commonplace among the contingent workforce and organisations must adjust their expectations of contingent workers, focusing on output-based performance management.


Find and onboard talent quickly and seamlessly

Organisations want agile, fast and efficient methods of engaging with contingent workers. Projects (particularly digital projects) are becoming more complex, whilst also being more urgent. Organisations want ways to seamlessly and quickly find and onboard talent to deliver these requirements without hiring employees on longer terms contacts.


Hire, train and deploy across various companies

With a large proportion of the current workforce needing to reskill over the next 10 years, and many business facing skills shortages, we expect business to initially rely on contingent workers to fill gaps. Beyond this, however, we expect to see a growth in Workforce Consultancy Models, where workers are hired, trained and deployed across various organisations to gain experience while being trained. We expect this to become more normal as companies and workers look to close gaps.


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