Building the business case for sustainable HR:  A guide for HR leaders

ESG for HR E-Guide •  19 October 2023

ESG considerations are increasingly becoming a top priority for HR leaders. Employees now place sustainability at the forefront of employment decisions - two in three UK employees want to work for a company that is having a positive impact on the world.​

Many organisations are failing to implement effective ESG strategies within the workplace resulting in 35% of employees willing to quit their jobs if they felt their employer took insufficient steps to reduce their organisation's environmental impact.​

Are you curious to learn how a robust ESG and Employee Sustainability Proposition (ESP) strategy leads to lasting talent attraction and retention?

In our latest E-Guide- Building the Business Case for Sustainable HR:  A Guide for HR Leaders, we explore:

  • The war for skills: Attracting in-demand talent.  

  • Climate quitting: Retaining top-performing talent.

  • How employees are key to achieving ESG targets.

  • Auditing the Employee Sustainability Proposition (ESP) at Triodos Bank. 

  • Tips and advice in auditing your own Employee Sustainability Proposition (ESP) and setting out a step-by-step roadmap for actioning meaningful change.

Have you considered your ESG for HR strategy?

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