Retaining critical long-term resources with Workforce Consultancy

Recruitment  •  21 February 2024

WFC case study Anglo - 1


Retaining business-critical resources whilst mitigating the associated risks and maintaining flexibility of using them is a key challenge of managing a contingent workforce; but there is an easy solution. Our latest case study shows how our client was able to retain key talent and ensured seamless business continuity, by transitioning their contractors to Workforce Consultants.

We successfully transitioned 62 highly skilled contingent workers operating through Limited Company and Umbrella Companies to Workforce Consultants under a permanent employment contract with Resource Solutions. This enabled our client to retain key talent that was critical for ensuring business continuity.

Find out how our client achieved an impressive non-permanent talent retention rate of 82% over two years, surpassing the industry average of 58%. 

Download our case study here.

Workforce Consultancy is an entirely bespoke and flexible solution, bridging the gap between expensive and risky permanent hiring and costly contractors.

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