The next generation of Filipino talent has arrived

Partner Podcast  •  8 November 2023

Employers in the Philippines have had their work cut out for them this year, as talent supply appears to wane in the face of shifting factors. But what are these factors, and how can companies in the region adapt to their candidates, and consequently fulfill their recruitment needs?

Cristina Junio, Head of Sales and Operations at Resource Solutions, joins Talkpush CEO Max Armbruster on the latest episode of Talkpush's The Recruitment Hackers Podcast, giving an overview of the talent crunch in the Philippines, with the rising demand driven by the BPO industry and the availability of gig work online.

Listen in as Cristina and Max discuss the Philippines' new generation of talent that is more autonomous, tech-savvy, and flexible than its predecessors, along with how employers must rewrite their playbooks and talent sources to meet the rising demand.

Max Armbruster
Max Armbruster

CEO & Founder

Talkpush • LinkedIn

Cristina Junio
Cristina Junio

Head of Sales & Operations, Philippines

Resource Solutions  • LinkedIn

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