Moving beyond the fixed infrastructure in recruiting

Partner Podcast  •  10 August 2023

Designing a Talent Acquisition department is crucial to helping an organization grow. With tremendous demand for skilled recruiters weighted against current economic uncertainty, companies are looking to RPO providers to help them resource their TA departments to meet hiring needs. How a company designs its TA function will allow them to adjust to the volatility in the market and meet the changing demands.

Kristin Thomas, President of North America for Resource Solutions, joins HRO Today CEO Elliot Clark on the latest episode of the HRO Today Educational Podcast to discuss TA department design and how companies can use an outsourced RPO solution to create a variable recruitment infrastructure.

Listen in as Kristin and Elliot explore how organizations build their TA functions and how an RPO partner can make those functions flexible and efficient.

Elliot Clark
Elliot Clark

CEO & Chairman

HRO Today • LinkedIn

Kristin Thomas
Kristin Thomas

President, North America

Resource Solutions  • LinkedIn

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