Gamified assessments: The answer to meritocratic hiring

Podcast  •  14 November 2022

Welcome to Hire Wire – Resource Solutions’ podcast series that takes a deep dive into the world of work and its ever-changing trends and nuances.

In this brand-new instalment, Arctic Shores CEO Robert Newry joins our Innovation team’s Faye Walshe and Tom Lakin to discuss ripping up the rule book and exploring the exciting realm of gamified assessments.

In what can only be described as a talent market in transition, employers across the globe are reckoning with several dynamic factors – from wage inflation and skills shortages, to hybrid working and diverse talent representation. Yet these extraordinary market conditions are also providing talent acquisition teams with the opportunity to shake up the way they hire. For those looking to rejuvenate their recruitment process, gamified assessments have proven to be a popular innovation for both employers and candidates.

Compared to traditional interview and assessment formats, gamified assessments arguably provide deeper insights into how suitable a candidate is for a role, measuring their natural behaviour and personality, as well as their approach to real work scenarios. There’s also the question of bias. While CVs and the information they contain can make it all too easy to build a picture – however inaccurate – of a candidate’s gender, ethnicity, and background, gamified assessments are more about enabling candidates to demonstrate how they think, behave, and solve problems – reducing the potential for bias and creating a fairer and inclusive hiring process. Crucially, these assessments also provide a more relaxed and engaging candidate experience, which can in turn improve a company’s employer brand.

Tune into this fascinating instalment of Hire Wire for expert insights into the nuances of this technology, the traits and behaviours it can reveal, and what makes it such a timely innovation, plus how employers can hire for potential by adjusting their mindsets as well as their processes.

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Faye Walshe

Faye Walshe, Practice Partner, Advisory, ensures that our clients have access to the widest range of innovative sourcing techniques possible, including our award-winning Recruitment Inclusivity Audit. Faye also consults clients on their employer brand, media placement strategies, the use of social media for recruitment, and more.

Robert Newry

Robert Newry is the CEO and Co-Founder of Arctic Shores, the leading behaviour-based assessment provider that combines neuroscience, psychometrics and game technology to help organisations make better hiring decisions.

Tom Lakin

Tom Lakin, Practice Director, Advisory shapes Resource Solutions’ innovation and diverse hiring strategy – identifying, assessing, and promoting creative and innovative solutions. Tom also provides advisory and consultancy services to clients to support their talent acquisition, diversity and retention agenda.

Faye Walshe

Practice Partner, Advisory

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Robert Newry

CEO and Co-Founder

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Tom Lakin

Practice Director, Advisory

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