ESG: How purpose and meaning can elevate your employer brand

Podcast  •  8 February 2023

Can embracing purpose help you improve your company’s employer brand and attract top talent? Esteemed sustainability/ESG coach Kate Adams joins Advisory’s Faye Walshe and Tom Lakin to discuss the landscape of environmental, social, and governance in 2023.  

They’ll explore why today’s employees need purpose and meaning more than ever and the business case for an ESG-led business. 

Kate Adams 

Kate Adams offers executive coaching, specialising as a sustainability/ESG coach. She partners with business leaders to grow their organisation and themselves through purpose-led leadership, bringing social consciousness and sustainability to the centre of the boardroom agenda. 

Tom Lakin 

Tom Lakin, our Director of Innovation, shapes Resource Solutions’ innovation and diverse hiring strategy – identifying, assessing, and promoting creative and innovative solutions. Tom also provides advisory and consultancy services to clients to support their talent acquisition, diversity and retention agenda. 

Faye Walshe 

Faye Walshe, our Group Director of Innovation & AI, ensures that our clients have access to the widest range of innovative sourcing techniques possible, including our award-winning Recruitment Inclusivity Audit. Faye also consults clients on their employer brand, media placement strategies, the use of social media for recruitment, and more. 

Our ESG for HR solution is the first specialist consultancy of its kind, providing insights into your Employee Sustainability Proposition (ESP)’s effectiveness and perception among current and prospective employees. Learn more about the solution here.

Kate Adams

Partnerships Director

Forward Institute  • LinkedIn

Tom Lakin

Director of Innovation

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Faye Walshe

Group Director of Innovation & AI

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