Future-Proof Your Sourcing Strategy: The Top 10 Labour Market Trends for 2024

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Removing barriers and bias in recruitment

We invite you to watch our latest webinar - Future-Proof Your Sourcing Strategy: The Top 10 Labour Market Trends for 2024.

In 2023, after a year of remarkable job vacancies, wage growth, and hiring numbers, the recruitment market started to slow down. Although this slowdown was expected, it does have some advantages. It leads to higher talent liquidity, fosters greater strategic thinking, encourages investment in upskilling current employees, promotes improved efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion (ED&I), and encourages the nurturing of junior talent, which may have been overlooked in 2023.

To understand the implications of this slowdown and prepare for the future, our experts analyse the events of 2023 and highlight ten key labour market trends to incorporate into your sourcing strategy for 2024. 

Watch the webinar to hear us discuss topics such as: 

  • Adopting new technology tools
  • Re-evaluating training vs experience
  • Doubling down on DEI & ESG
  • Developing internal talent
  • The essential integration of business planning and talent planning
  • Crafting your employer brand story for a multigenerational workforce 
  • The Great Resignation, and strategic boomerangs 

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