Ji-woon Im: anchoring Recruitment teams with meaningful basics 

Written by Perry Teo  •  Employee Stories  •  13 July 2023

Ji-woon has attained accolades that most Recruitment upstarts dream of – effusive praise from everyone in her team, and even a regional award, having received the CelebrateRS Award in APAC earlier this year for best exemplifying Resource Solutions’ Inclusive values. Standing out in a highly accomplished Recruitment team is no easy feat, especially for someone just entering the industry, so how has she done this?

The secret here quickly becomes clear – Ji-woon knows her processes, and executes them to the highest degree. Before the interview, her organisational rigour was on display – she had prepared curated answers to our pre-interview guiding questions, and her personable brand of professionalism continued to shine through during our conversation together. Read on for more insights about how her position as a Coordination anchor has allowed the team to soar, and how she’s growing into the Recruitment sphere in the process.  

What is your role, and what does a typical day look like at Resource Solutions?

I am a Recruitment Coordinator working at the Merck Korea account, part of a close-knit team of seven based out of Seoul, South Korea.

My typical day involves performing three main tasks within the team. First, I handle overall administrative support - ensuring that the team’s recruitment processes are accounted for. Second comes recruitment data analyses to extract insights for both ourselves and our clients. Last but not least comes executing our employer branding work for Merck Korea, which includes tasks like creating promotional videos, designing landing pages, and organizing campus events.

It brings me great joy at work when my recruiters can do their job best with foundations and insight stemming from my support. I’ve had the opportunity to conduct some of their adjacent duties as well, including speaking with hiring managers, candidates, and various other client stakeholders.

What did you do prior to working at Resource Solutions?

Prior to working for Resource Solutions, I worked as a bank teller. During my time there, I was the face customers first saw, and therefore had to exercise a customer-oriented mindset while providing various asset management services to customers. This, along with the data analysis skills that were needed on the side, have all contributed to my quality of work here.

What do you enjoy about working onsite in your existing RPO setup?

Having the clients close is an excellent benefit, as it opens many avenues for collaboration. Direct interaction with the partner client's team, fostering a closer working relationship, deriving a deeper understanding of the client's culture, values, and specific recruitment needs – these all lead to more effective and tailored recruitment strategies.

What are the main challenges in your role?

My challenges on the role can vary depending on the tasks at end, which are driven by the client’s shifting needs. Some common ones in recent memory might include managing high volumes of candidates and staying in touch with the latest industry trends, all key to thriving in this high-volatility hiring environment.

We’ve had opportunities to expand our hiring reach recently, which in itself brings new exciting challenges – new environments mean new local regulations and HR protocols that the team needs to have on hand, while adding new variables to the hiring process.

How do you find the benefits & working conditions at Resource Solutions?

Resource Solutions aims to attract individuals who value a positive work environment, and offer competitive benefits to match. These include comprehensive healthcare coverage and flexible work arrangements, which my team benefits from till this day despite companies around us reverting to an office-only setup.

Even though my role centres around team support, I feel incredibly supported when seeking development opportunities. From recruitment nous to detailed analytics, the team encourages me to pursue growth.

How do you find the culture of Resource Solutions?

I can describe it as collaborative, results-oriented, and focused on delivering value to clients. In line with this, my teammates centre their work styles around values of teamwork, innovation, and continuous learning. It is clear from the outset that our expertise and unique perspectives are valued.

Two particular members in my team exemplify this lovely culture - Hyunyoung Cha and Stella Jang, my seniors within the onsite team. We are a unit within the team that worked closely together for our client’s employer branding initiatives, and I’ve been made to feel very comfortable and collaborative around them.

What career path do you see yourself taking at Resource Solutions?

The career paths available at Resource Solutions are diverse - employees can actively progress through their account, transitioning from a recruitment specialist to a team lead or account manager. The size of the company also allows one to explore different functions within the broader HR and talent management domain.

These days, I’m focused on consolidating my industry knowledge in recruitment – to best support the recruitment process, I have to learn about its specifics. I’m also picking up various tools of the trade from my team members, who each have unique skillsets that I observe, learn from, and integrate.

If someone was thinking about joining Resource Solutions, how would you describe the company and your experience?

When I first joined Resource Solutions, my chief motivator was the trust that I can learn about everything here, if I had the heart and desire to do it. This has not changed – I’ve been given the chance to work on a diverse range of tasks which have provided endless opportunities for growth and development. Even jumping to a whole new account is possible, and I’ve seen managers wholly try to support these moves despite the degrees of disruption it may cause.

If someone is considering joining Resource Solutions, I would describe the company as a reputable player in the RPO industry, known for its client-focused approach, collaborative work environment, and commitment to excellence. You’ll get to work with diverse clients, gain valuable experience, and contribute to mutual business success, all while having your well-being and growth accounted for. Anyone who joins the team is set for a rewarding experience! 

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