Hyun-Young Cha: charting a path in recruitment, inspired by a high school spark

Written by Perry Teo  •  Employee Stories  •  14 September 2022

Hyun-Young is a Recruitment Partner, heading up Campus Recruitment and Employer Branding projects for one of our APAC pharmaceutical clients. A shining talent, totally in her element, Hyun-Young has done an amazing job since joining Resource Solutions just over a year ago, rising through the ranks in record time and becoming a key leader for the team in South Korea. We grab her mid-schedule on a busy Friday, and ask for her insights on when her passion for recruitment began, and what’s next for her career journey.

What is your current role & what is a typical day like?

As a Recruitment Partner, I take on several elements of leadership, heading some initiatives within the Campus Recruitment and Employer Branding umbrella. These consist of five main branches – content creation; campus partnerships, where we network with college professors and key campus stakeholders; external job fairs that can vary in scale, sometimes involving big recruitment conferences; online channel activations on platforms like LinkedIn and KakaoTalk; and onboarding training programmes for our new hires.

My day begins with a meeting with our client’s Head of HR, where I provide updates of project progress and key deliverables. Any changes to project plans are then passed on to my team members thereafter, and we then work hand-in-hand to ensure workflows are completed smoothly.

What did you do prior to working at Resource Solutions?

A lot of Recruitment-related things! I’ll start with a story from way back – long ago, I was President of my high school’s School Ambassadors. Running campus tours for prospective students, along with participating in screening processes, my interest in recruitment was kindled early on.

After that came College, where I built on this interest with an internship as a HR coordinator and built up my generalist professional experience. Another internship following College focused more on the Recruitment element – here, I quickly realised the challenge of hiring for a great firm with great culture, but unknown brand name. I volunteered to refresh the company’s career pages and job listings, and our candidate sourcing numbers doubled as a result of these efforts. This was basically my first foray into Employer Branding, and it’s been a passion since.

What do you enjoy about working onsite with our client account in an RPO setting?

Operationally, our client relies entirely on Resource Solutions for their resourcing needs. This responsibility does come with perks, as we’re essentially the shot-callers for all things recruitment, and we are allowed to optimise our efforts to bring about the best results for them.

On a personal level, this autonomy applies to my work as well! My account manager, Se-won, trusts in my skills and lets me run projects which I feel will be beneficial to the team’s recruitment efforts. These initiatives have paid off, and I’m glad to report that Resource Solutions has rewarded my performance with three promotions during my time here.

Three promotions in a year – that’s incredible! With this new role must come more challenges – could you tell us more about them?

Taking on this role means primary responsibility for projects. This involves more than just me, my team, and our candidates, but also involves employees outside of Resource Solutions. This is especially prevalent during, for example, job fairs where we pre-screen and prepare employees as business representatives.

Given the nature of Employer Branding, I’ve also had to pick up new skills on the fly. I recently got to work on a video production and took on storyboarding and casting for the project through our client-side HR business partners. It’s a challenging role, but there’s lots to learn and enjoy!

How do you find the benefits and culture of Resource Solutions?

From a benefits perspective, Resource Solutions takes great care of me and my family. All our medical check-ups are covered, which brings me peace of mind as I go about my day-to-day.

We also have great team culture, and it’s empowering to work in an environment where everyone is highly motivated and respectful of each other. You can feel the spirit of collaboration during monthly meetings with fellow business partners from other accounts in APAC, where we share best practices and learn from each other’s experiences.

Resource Solutions is always on hand to give us creative ways to engage and bond with the wider community. I fondly recall participating in a regional ‘fruit challenge’, where each team would attempt to chalk off all the letters of the alphabet by eating fruits that start with those letters – for example, taking a picture with and eating an apple would give you the letter A. Our team really got into it, and we eventually managed to do 21 out of 26 letters, winning the challenge and freshening up our diets in the process!

What career path do you see yourself taking at Resource Solutions?

It’s been an eventful journey so far in Resource Solutions, rising to my current Recruitment Partner position. In the future, I’d like to master my existing proficiencies in Employer Branding and Campus Recruitment. I’d then like to broaden my career responsibilities to include recruitment strategy and long-term planning, where I can provide a high-level insight on ideal candidate profiles based on a deep understanding of a corporation’s value and culture.

The Learning & Development programmes in Resource Solutions have provided excellent springboards for my intended career plan, and I’m looking to take on courses in presentation skills and HR analytics in the near future. Alongside this, I’ve been brushing up on region-specific labour laws, which are inevitable given their relevance in the industry, and can also spark marked change in recruitment trends.

If someone was thinking about joining Resource Solutions, how would you describe the company and your experience?

Resource Solutions is a global company in every sense of the word – we’ve clients and accounts around the world, and you’ll find that internal mobility is no issue at all, should you choose to seek a new challenge after joining.

From a culture perspective, there’s a lot of care for each other. There’s a high level of communication between the team, which also happens to be a key skill in recruitment, so be sure to demonstrate your talents there should you choose to apply!

At Resource Solutions, you’ll be expected to be proficient and perform. What really makes it different is how you’re supported as you reach that desired proficiency – outside of great training, you’ll be backed by a helpful team that will always be there to help.

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