Gio Montenegro: new Recruitment journeys, backed by a culture of growth 

Written by Perry Teo  •  Employee Stories  •  3 August 2023

Gio is a familiar face around Resource Solutions – having recently been integral to the region’s pre-employment screening process, most new hires have been in correspondence with him before joining the organisation, while counting on his personable aid in their onboarding. Recently, however, Gio’s been undertaking a fresh journey of his own, taking on a new role in one of our Financial Services partner clients in the region.

We pay Gio a remote visit and delve into his experiences so far as a Direct Recruiter, flush with insight from the changing environments, how the realm of recruitment has changed with this shift, and how the ubiquitous Resource Solutions culture keeps him grounded during these times of change. 

Good to see you again, Gio! Could you tell us about your current role & what is a typical day looks like?

Hello, and I’m more than happy to! I’m currently a Direct Recruiter supporting our partner client’s hiring strategy. My role focuses on initial endorsements for candidates applying for finance and banking roles in the Philippines, specifically KYC analysts and transaction monitoring investigators. I do this by first scouring the CVs of applicants to gauge their qualifications and suitability for the role, before setting up calls with them to verify their experience.

My afternoon is usually spent jumping into these calls. While this took up to 30 minutes in the initial process, we’re looking to enhance the candidate experience by shortening these outreach calls, condensing the checklists needed without compromising client requirements. To ensure these calls are made in contexts where candidates are most comfortable, I schedule these based on their needs, or reach out when they are unresponsive to initial texts or emails.

What did you do prior to working at this role?

My previous role was also at Resource Solutions, but carried a more specific role supporting a wider geography – an onboarding coordinator supporting the region’s new hires. Here, we sough to manage stakeholder expectations on candidate start dates, while ensuring all pre-employment processes are conducted in a timely, compliant manner.

After some time with the Resource Solutions RPO model, what are the differences between working onsite with a partner client, versus playing a role as part of the CMT?

The role is definitely different – as a Direct Recruiter, I’m granted more autonomy in candidate-side processes, demonstrated by the freedom I have to endorse the first pool of candidates. The new role also calls for a more intimate recruiter-client relationship, as we seek to apply their hiring needs to the curated talent pool which we eventually pass on to our hiring managers.

There are similarities, of course – my initial role has helped with the uptake of soft skills immensely. I can imagine that speaking with candidates multiple times a day could be a daunting affair for a new recruiter, but my time liaising with new hires has trained me well for this aspect of the role, while granting me a degree of familiarity with some reporting and endorsement flows. There’s still much to learn, however, and I’m constantly picking up skills from my new colleagues on how to manage the new scope.

What are the main challenges in your role with Resource Solutions?

One challenge was unexpected – the number of people I’d have to reach out to daily! As a Direct Recruiter dealing with high volume hiring, the job is intense, and factors like unresponsive candidates or their busy schedules only add more variables to the mix. My new team has helped me to cope with this by easing me gradually into the standard-issue KPIs, and I try to adjust by proactively reaching out to more candidates. The extra mile goes a long way in ensuring we have a sustainable flow of good candidates for hiring managers to choose from.

How do you find the benefits & culture at Resource Solutions?

I’ve enjoyed the Resource Solutions culture in my previous role, and the partner account is no different – I was actually involved in getting the team’s pre-employment checklists cleared! Back to the question, the account I’m placed in comprises many recruiters who have worked as part of the organisation in some capacity, so we’re cut from the same cloth. By extension, the active collaboration, desire to move as a team, and focus on learning and development are very prevalent and familiar themes that I continue to enjoy.

What career path do you see yourself taking at Resource Solutions?

Having moved into this new role as a Direct Recruiter, my focus now is to learn about its intricacies. I’m relatively inexperienced in the big world of Recruitment, but thankfully have many means to brush up on my skills and knowledge through the many seminars and on-the-job opportunities the company offers. Coupled with the skills I’ve refined from my previous role, I aspire to improve the way I execute and manage this new suite of work.

It's truly exciting that I get to learn new things every day, not just through the formalised L&D processes, but also from an amazing team who constantly guide me along the right path with their expertise.

If someone was thinking about joining Resource Solutions, how would you describe the company and your experience?

I’ll draw attention to two key factors, the culture and the work-life balance! Throughout my time here, I’ve met many people, both locally and across the region, who have embodied a culture of kindness and teamwork. It’s a diverse team that always finds a way to be inclusive and welcoming to all who enter our doors, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with an incredible range of individuals.

The work-life balance here is also excellent, something that has kept in touch with growing employee needs – it’s something many new hires consider when starting a new career, and Resource Solutions provides an excellent experience in this regard. Add these to the many pathways of development provided, and you’ll have yourself an excellent place to kickstart or revitalise your recruitment career. 

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