Kelly Wang: manifesting meaning across new Recruitment roles and industries

Written by Perry Teo  •  Employee Stories  •  25 October 2023

Kelly plies her trade with one of Resource Solutions’ partner clients based in Taiwan, keeping a close eye on the timelines and trackers that consolidate their hiring strategy. It is by no means an easy task, especially when coupled with the range of candidate-facing work expected of a Sourcer at Resource Solutions, but Kelly carries it all out with spades of expertise beyond her relatively short tenure in the Recruitment industry.

We sit down with her amidst her busy schedule and find out just how she’s excelling in her role, which has seen her adapt to two completely different industries, wear many hats that encompass the various facets of Recruitment, while emulating the coveted culture of collaboration she’s enjoyed throughout her time here.

What is your current role & what is a typical day like?

I’m currently a Sourcer with one of Resource Solutions’ fashion retail clients. A typical day for me starts off with an eye on the big picture, tracking work statuses and progress trackers of existing projects. This coordination work provides a stable platform which our recruiters can excel from, while also ensuring that we’ve real-time information for any reports required. Next up would be my candidate-facing duties, which revolve around seeking talent for our client’s corporate and fashion specialist roles. 

I’ve also recently been working on various employer branding projects, a unique opportunity to work directly with our partner HRBPs and regional Talent Acquisition managers. Our deliverables here range from job ads and banners to recruitment events that require more stakeholder management, so I’ve been picking up some project management skills in the process.

What did you do prior to working at Resource Solutions?

This is actually my second role in Resource Solutions! I first joined as a Recruitment Coordinator for another of our Semiconductor partners, which demanded knowledge of a brand-new industry and its range of roles - just as this one did. It's been a rather eventful year, having only joined the organisation last August.

Before this stint, I was working as a secretary for about three years. Handling a director’s day-to-day schedules and various other team operations calls for a detail-oriented, organised style of work, which I’ve carried over into my existing job scope.  

What do you enjoy about working onsite in your existing RPO setup?

I’ve dived into arrangements with both semiconductor and fashion retail partners in a short span of time, but both have been really nice in different ways. Our first partners stood out because of how warm they were to us, treating us like employees of their own despite our contractor status - a sign of a good partnership.

My current position has allowed me exposure to equally pleasant individuals, but in a different capacity. A totally new industry means having to relearn many things from the ground up which was a struggle initially, but both my onsite team members and our partners were on hand to provide insight, combining perspectives to combat their ongoing recruitment challenges. 

What are the main challenges in your role with Resource Solutions?

One challenge I can think of now is industry-specific – our arrangements usually task us with a hiring plan and volume for the year, but retail headcounts are notoriously high in attrition, which causes our hiring numbers to fluctuate greatly month-on-month. It's therefore a fast-paced environment which needs us to quickly change gears to meet any potential shortfalls.  

There’s also the demand for specialist and corporate roles within the fashion industry, which is rather niche and calls for unique sourcing strategies. I’m relishing this opportunity, however – I’d never get to the chance to hire for such a role elsewhere, and I can feel myself improving after each successful fill. Add that to the frequent interactions with our partner’s key talent stakeholders, and you have yourself a great platform for growth. 

How do you find the benefits & working conditions at Resource Solutions?

The benefits in Resource Solutions definitely stand out! An employee in Taiwan gets an average of 7-10 days of leave per year, and we get more than double that – it's allowed me and my colleagues to travel, take breaks, and generally enjoy a better work-life balance. 

Resource Solutions also prioritises our development, providing many training sessions for a suite of skills every month. Before joining, I was not very good in Excel and PowerPoint, but thanks to these courses, I’ve been able to improve on them, along with many other recruitment-related skills like candidate management and reporting. 

How do you find the culture of Resource Solutions? 

I really like the Resource Solutions culture. Our onsite team is actually primarily based in South Korea – there’s just four of us in Taiwan, and we’ve quickly become friends beyond work, supporting and caring for each other both professionally and personally.  

Our cross-country projects are wholesome experiences as well. Led by Carina, our Account Manager, we’re often encouraged to share ideas and best practices before presenting them to our client partner as one entity. It keeps us focused on a common goal, and I appreciate the flow of support and information that stems from it. 

What career path do you see yourself taking at Resource Solutions?

I’m enjoying my current role thus far, having had the chance to work on plenty of different projects. However, having attended many regional townhalls in Resource Solutions, I’ve gotten the chance to meet with several colleagues in APAC who have made career switches across accounts or functions. 

I feel driven to work hard within the organisation, knowing that if my interests and priorities do change, there will be a place for me within Resource Solutions regardless, along with all the support I may need to make that transition. 

If someone was thinking about joining Resource Solutions, how would you describe the company and your experience?

Resource Solutions is a company with a very open, diverse culture. This global company hosts people from many backgrounds, all united by a culture of care and genuine support for each other. I’d definitely recommend it for anyone seeking a flexible working environment, along with leadership and truly empowers your career.

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