Talent Engagement - Specialist Candidate Attraction Strategies - Resource Solutions

What is talent engagement and why is it important?

Talent engagement is the process of attracting the right people to your organisation and getting candidates and employees to fully engage and connect with your company’s values, goals, and principles. Investing in talent engagement activities can improve employee motivation and performance, reduce employee turnover and impact profit levels.

Engaging with talent communities for our clients

Using both established and emerging technologies, we support the effective management of talent communities for our clients. Our account teams ensure our clients’ employer brand messaging, relevant news, and information on live roles are communicated to these talent communities.

Creating sophisticated talent communities provides timely and cost effective recruitment solutions for our clients. We configure talent communities by business area, skill, current availability, geography or ability to travel. This allows an ‘on demand’ database of high calibre and highly suitable candidates who can be targeted at short notice.

Retaining talent engagement levels

Initial talent engagement is important, but equally important is fostering a workplace culture that engages candidates long after they have become employees, in order to keep attrition levels to a minimum. Engaged employees are happier at work, perform better and can become your best employer brand ambassadors.

We provide training for our clients’ staff who are involved in contingent worker engagement. This training partly focuses on improving confidence and effectiveness, especially of line managers, when they are carrying out candidate interviews and selection, to ensure that the right talent is acquired.

Talent Marketing & Insights at Resource Solutions

Our dedicated Talent Marketing & Insights (TM&I) team acts as an in-house ad agency for our on-site recruiters. They create bespoke attraction strategies and employer messaging, in-line with our clients’ employer value proposition (EVP). By combining proven media channels and innovative technologies, TM&I identifies and engages potential talent. The team also measures the performance of all attraction channels, providing health check reports to facilitate continuous improvement through the collated data.