Four strategic initiatives that outsourcing recruitment can support


It can be a precarious balancing act to keep up with a changing marketplace, while also managing a host of strategic initiatives for your business. Often, recruitment goals are difficult to fulfill. Recruitment can also take away from other important business initiatives by shifting the focus of your team from other high-value tasks. 

By working with an RPO provider, you will do more than solve your recruitment problems. Partnering with an RPO provider can also help bolster key strategic initiatives. More importantly, this frees up time for a host of important business strategies, such as: 

Diversity and Inclusion

With a worldwide call for more diverse workplaces, there is heavy pressure on companies to change their hiring practices and internal structures to allow new voices in. This isn’t as easy as it may seem. To attract the right talent, you need to do more than offer the right dollar amount. Prospective employees are evaluating your company based on workplace culture, the opportunity for upwards mobility and a host of other factors. Attracting the right talent is crucial to meeting your diversity goals and this may require an entirely new and modernised approach to recruitment. It may also require a change to your and your employer’s brand messaging and strategies. 

New Product or Service Launch

Launching a new product or service takes a lot of time and effort and a reliance on multiple team members often working on tight deadlines. As with anything new, the skill sets required are not always in line with existing teams. Additionally, your current recruitment teams may not have the tools required to source for this new talent. This is where outsourcing provides a solution, by providing the necessary tools and team to support scouting and retaining new skills and talent pipelines. 

Cost savings

Companies often launch initiatives meant to drive cost savings for a specific department or recruitment across the board. This can impact the overall success of your business, especially if you aren’t making the talent acquisitions you require. An RPO can bring a cost-friendly solution to the table, allowing you to meet your cost-saving initiatives without jeopardizing your recruitment practices. 

Skill Gaps 

It’s not always possible to maintain a perfectly skilled workforce, especially as you embark upon novel strategic workforce initiatives. Throughout, it’s possible that you may identify places where there is a significant skills gap and one that requires an urgent recruitment solution. Outsourcing can be the creative solution to many strategic initiatives, including skill gaps in specific departments.  

When building a business case for switching to an RPO solution, remember that it is about more than just recruitment. The RPO model is designed to support internal team member roles, enabling them to focus on and drive more high-value strategic activities such as core competencies, in-demand skills hiring, strategic talent discussions with business leaders, or internal mobility schemes. Your business will benefit from outsourcing, beyond just solving your recruitment challenges. 

For more information on how outsourcing can help all your strategic initiatives, download our ‘Building a Business Case for Outsourcing your Recruitment’ whitepaper.