Compliance and Risk Management - GRC Strategies I Resource Solutions

In today’s business landscape, companies face risks that are more complex and potentially damaging. High profile cases of risk and non-compliance have been the downfall of some organisations, and have caused significant setbacks for many more.

As the landscape changes, so do the risks involved, meaning that compliance and risk management is almost always in flux. We help our clients act strategically and always think one step ahead in order to meet the demanding expectations of policy, legislation, stakeholders and shareholders.

Understanding where risks lie, and what should be done about them should be embedded within the culture of an organisation, and everyone should be encouraged and supported to speak out about potential risks. Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) strategies should be an integral part of every business in order to effectively and responsibly run operations, mitigate risk, and comply with regulations. GRC strategies must include targets and objectives that are clearly defined, encompassing the actions of everyone within the business and should involve things such as:

  • Ensuring that operations are legal and ethical
  • Setting business objectives that promote strong values and reduce risk
  • Understanding stakeholder expectations of the business and how to prioritise and meet them

GRC strategies work most effectively when departments work collectively, and communicate clearly with one another. Protection from, and response to, risk and non-compliance, should become second nature to all departments within a business.

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