Sowmya Vasa: Making things happen with incredible efficiency

Written by Sandeep Aavuti  •  Employee Stories  •  17 August 2022

Sowmya has an incredible list of accolades under her belt and seeks to better herself in and out of her current role as a Project Manager under Resource Solutions’ Implementation function, which bridges the gap between partnership sign-off and service delivery. We sit down with Sowmya to learn more about her career journey, how her experiences have shaped her style of leadership, and how she constantly gives and receives from the endearing culture that is Resource Solutions.

What is your role in Resource Solutions, and what does a normal day look like?

I joined as a Project Manager for onboarding and implementation at Resource Solutions in September 2021. Being a Project Manager offers a very fluid day-to-day – my duties shift depending on the partnerships we’re looking to deliver, which are discussed during my meetings with Kieran, our Head of Implementation here in APAC. We cover everything under the sun – project meetings and statuses, governance calls, discovery avenues – it’s a hectic but fulfilling conversation every time and sets the tone for what’s next for my team.

My other duties involve preparing decks for upcoming meetings, which seek to mobilise our various business partner functions to eventually deliver a smooth go-live for our clients. These projects may seem intimidating at first, especially given the highly volatile HR environment, but support from Kieran, Nina, Natashah and the rest of the leadership goes a long way in getting things done, which I try to pass on to my team as well.

Tell us more about your career journey before Resource Solutions.

I have vast range of project management experience from storage database, cloud, animal medicine and now into recruitment. Having worked on global projects, in global working environments, I’ve come to believe that if we understand the scope of the projects, we know how to drive them.

I am professionally trained in PMP and hold certifications in ITIL and Scrum Master skills. Going forward, I’d like to obtain Agile and Kanban certifications.

A very respectable list – how has your journey of growth led you to Resource Solutions?

I wasn’t looking for an opportunity, actually! I had just updated my profile on Naukri, a job board in India, and got a call from Resource Solution in a couple of hours. After getting the opportunity to speak with Kieran and Bhavesh, our India Head of Business, I was offered a role two weeks later. 

Aside from a desire to test my skills in the HR domain, along with a wealth of learning opportunities, Kieran’s attitude, and his ability to be a great mentor, as well as Bhavesh’s leadership and people-centric qualities, were the primary drivers to come onboard.

How would you describe the culture here in Resource Solutions?

The office environment is very welcoming! It allows you to be yourself, while offering a safe space for me to explore becoming a stronger individual, both professionally and from a character perspective. Every employee is given an opportunity to learn and grow and the management offers a great degree of guidance and support.

Add the great leadership that’s in place who go out of their way to nurture and support all of us, and I would recommend anyone interested in the HR industry to join my team without a second thought!

What is next for you in your career journey?

I am happy with my role here and would definitely want to set up a team to handle critical and revenue generating global projects in the future! As a team, I’d aspire to continue playing a major role, while leaving our mark in the India business growth story. We’re making great headway on this through expanding the team – I’m really glad to have welcomed Garima, our new Project Analyst, to the team, and expect more to join us.

What advice would you have for a woman looking to kickstart and find their calling in the workforce?

I’ve one piece of key advice - believe in yourself! It’ll drive everything else that is inherently important in growth, and the hard work that stems from this motivation will pay off in a positive way.

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