From local RPO to global to RPO

Written by Cristina Concengco  •  Employee Stories  •  20 January 2022

Dexter Boquero worked at a local RPO company handling candidate onboarding and account reporting before joining Resource Solutions. He talks about the benefits of working for a global company, what he loves about his new role, and the culture in our Manila office.

What is your current role at Resource Solutions?

My current role is Talent Marketing & Insights (TM&I) Account Coordinator. In my role, I work with various client accounts, across various industries in APAC, and help them make strategic, smart data-driven talent attraction decisions. 

I moved from a local RPO vendor to Resource Solutions around six months ago. In my last role, I oversaw candidate onboarding and account reporting. I really enjoy vendor management and data analysis in my current TM&I role and am enjoying developing my skills in this area. 

How do you find the Resource Solutions culture?

One of the best things about working for Resource Solutions is the people. Everyone you meet is very passionate about what they do. It inspires me to be more invested in my work.

Overall Resource Solutions is very supportive of its employees. We can express ourselves and be authentic at work. I can take full responsibility and ownership of my work and am challenged to fully use my skills-set. My manager encourages and is supportive of my ideas.

What are the benefits at Resource Solutions?

Resource Solutions have good employee health benefits in place. When I am talking to my friends about Resource Solutions, I tell them that Resource Solutions really prioritises employee wellness, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. There is also a large focus on upskilling employees with a lot of learning & development opportunities for employees. 

What’s next for you?

I really enjoy data and analytics and would like more exposure to data management and work more closely with our Market Intelligence team and reporting systems.

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