How RE:START is transforming the lives of people leaving prison

Written by Saima Choudhury  • RS News  • 13 September 2022

How RE:START is transforming the lives of people leaving prison

In 2019, the Robert Walters Group launched their RE:START programme, in partnership with StandOut, a UK charity working to transform the lives of people leaving prison. 

Now that Covid restrictions have been lifted, we’re excited to see the Group re-launch the prison reform volunteer initiative, which is designed to equip people soon to be released from prison with the necessary skills to find employment. 

How does it work?

The support that RE:START gives to people in prison is part of a wider programme designed by StandOut to equip trainees with the tools, skills, and mindset they need to apply for work, so they can reintegrate into society with confidence. Opportunities include CV advice and mock interview training. 

Prior to each prisoner’s release, StandOut works with them through group sessions and one-to-one coaching to maintain motivation and build relationships. After release, StandOut offers support and training opportunities for as long as required to enable trainees to successfully find stable employment.

Why is it important?

With the right support, people leaving prison can feel motivated and have a strong desire to get their lives back on track. So far, 64 men have completed the StandOut course in prison, with 93% of them continuing to work with StandOut after their release. 

As a company, Resource Solutions’ ambition is to redefine work so everyone can have a lifetime of opportunity. We’re so inspired by the work that the Robert Walters Group volunteers are doing with RE:START to support these prisoners to develop new skills, find new opportunities, and flourish professionally upon release. 

What our volunteers say

Tess Eyles
Client Services Director

"I could tell these were people who just wanted another chance, and it was a real pleasure to get to meet and work with them."

Ian Hobbs
Client Services Director

"It's a great feeling to help integrate people back into the workforce and help them keep from going back into prison."

Rebecca Rodgers
EMEA Talent Acquisition Leader

"I feel like I gave something back, using my recruitment skills to not only try to help this man find a job, but really, to start his life again."

Click here to find out more about StandOut and the work they do to empower people to build brighter futures after prison.

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