Careers in the fast track

Written by Guy Burchett  •  Resource Solutions  •  01 January 2016

In less than 3 years working at Resource Solutions, Kieran Millington’s career has taken him from London, to Barcelona and back again. He started as a coordinator and is now a Centre of Excellence Delivery Manager based on site with one of our largest financial services clients. We asked Kieran to share his whirlwind career journey with us.

Before I started at Resource Solutions, I was working at a small recruitment company based in Birmingham that specialised in high volume warehouse recruitment. I accepted a role with Resource Solutions based in London as a Recruitment Coordinator, on site at a multinational telecommunications company.

Early on, I expressed my interest in excelling my career further, Resource Solutions offered me the opportunity to move to the client’s Spanish office. I was interested in an international move not only to broaden my career opportunities, but to also experience another working culture - where better than Barcelona?!

How did Resource Solutions support your international move?

The company was really supportive in my move to Spain. They went above and beyond what you’d usually expect in a secondment; such as accommodation and flights. Resource Solutions were extremely supportive in my quick move and went the extra mile by flying my girlfriend out to see me! It was clear to me that the company had facilitated various international moves before and were well equipped to make sure I was as settled and as comfortable as possible, and genuinely cared about my well-being.

The whole experience was really surreal, it was great to have the opportunity to work in another location, so quickly and with so much support. Within a week of accepting the offer I was living like a local in a fantastic city.

What was it like living and working in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a great city, especially for anyone looking to relocate. There are so many expats doing a similar thing out there, which makes it very easy to quickly make friends. Not forgetting the beach, sunny weather, amazing food and long list of things to do in the city – I had a great time.

It didn’t take long to adapt to the relaxed vibe of the Barcelona work culture. The lunch breaks were also a big part of the culture, where some individuals would take a 20 minute siesta in the break room and whole teams would frequently be found enjoying a three course meal together in a local restaurant.

What advice would you give others who are looking to make the move abroad?

Go for it. Make the most of any opportunity to live abroad and experience working within a different culture. If you worry too much about the ‘what if’s’ you’ll never do it.

This was an amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and one that I’m certain I wouldn’t have been able to have had I not joined Resource Solutions.

Where has your Resource Solutions journey taken you to date?

Having had a keen interest in working in project management even before beginning my career in recruitment, I applied for a Project Analyst role at Head Office in 2013. I returned to London and joined the Projects team as a Project Manager; responsible for the delivery of multiple projects to manage change and introduce new and exciting innovative solutions that really impact the way we do business. 

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