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Be empowered to make data-led decisions

RSIntelligence is our on-demand, cloud-based, talent intelligence solutions that empowers leaders to make data led decisions that deliver impact.

Our market intelligence reports also provide information to aid decision making and improve market understanding by delivering intelligence through RSheatmaps, RSmarketview, RSreports, RSpaypulse and RSgradview.

Available as a plug-in app for your ease of use, RSIntelligence is packed with benefits. 

Expert Analysis

Access analyst expertise within
our MI team to further consult
and interpret data and trends
within the platform.


Data is presented in a way to easily understand what is above and below average, helping you determine whether metrics are positive or negative in relation to the market.

Centralise data

Our app will centralise all market intelligence in one easily navigable platform.

Artificial intelligence

AI generated analysis for each
role. AI analyses each heatmap
to turn raw data into


The platform runs 24/7 allowing clients to access their data whenever or wherever they need it, and across all devices.

Cost savings

Get accurate salary data and
location analysis to help reduce
your cost-per-hire by accessing
market averages

Data-led decisions

Do away with ambiguity when it comes to your workforce planning. The use of data and data visualisation will paint a clear picture of the market.

Improve diversity

Source more diverse talent with our data points and benchmarks when it comes to gender and racial diversity.


Talent supply & demand analytics

RSheatmaps provide a visual representation of talent supply and demand within a particular role, skillset or location. Data is sourced from over 700 million candidate profiles, then presented and benchmarked against national averages to determine how sourcing should be approached. 

Dashboards contain key data sets such as: candidates supply, employer demand, location hot spots, average salaries/rates, attrition rates, growth rates, emerging skills, gender ratios and average tenure. These are presented in a simple way to gauge exactly what the market looks like and provide clients with the best possible tool to comprehend the market when sourcing candidates.


Location intelligence & macro trends

RSmarketview provides an overview of particular locations’ labour market and recruitment culture. These are high-level reports which cover hiring trends, considerations, candidate motivations and perspectives which can vary between different locations and cultures. As well as cultural nuances, RSmarketview includes key figures to contextualise each market. These include: unemployment rates, LinkedIn penetration rates, diversity ratios, sector sizes and demographic information to help guide Recruiters and Hiring Managers when hiring into new or existing locations by providing clear demographic benchmarks.


Written analysis & insight

RSreports provides written analysis of market developments. Reports typically cover: sector trends, diversity, competitors, legislation, early careers, demographics, employee motives and future of work forecasting. These reports allow clients to understand and contextualise the market, whilst reducing the risks involved when it comes to sourcing talent and gaining a competitive edge via trend analysis.


Salary benchmarking

RSpaypulse provides a self-service on-demand access to pay and salary benchmarks from the world’s largest Financial Services RPO. We aggregate over 40,000 rows of internal group data and external market data from reliable sources to provide quality and accurate data that can be trusted by your hiring community. Data is mapped to our job taxonomy built to ISCO standard and is searchable by job and skill class, allowing you to combine a range of positions to benchmark pay. Savings will come from how the data is interpreted, we will analyse your population and identify outliers and trends to make meaningful recommendations.


Early careers data

RSgradview provides analysis of historic graduate hiring and intake trends looking at universities as sources of talent. Useful metrics such as quality and cost of hire, alignment fit, marketing ROI and offer renege provide actionable insights when it comes to early careers recruitment. We analyse outliers and trends and make specific recommendations based on the data available to optimise graduate hiring strategy. External data is also plugged in and analysed together with client data, including department ranking, student satisfaction, performance and graduate prospects.


How RSintelligence helped a global banking giant improve gender diversity

The challenge

A banking client was looking to increase equality through their diversity programme by tailoring their hiring process to cater towards diverse candidates. However, the client did not have full visibility of the market averages when it came to gender equality. The lack of data meant the client could not determine what was above or below average. 

Our solution

RSintelligence performed gender diversity benchmarking across key competitors to contextualise the client's positioning against the market average. This revealed which functions within the business needed improvement to achieve parity. RSintelligence also produced a breakdown of diversity initiatives in various industries across the UK and US to help the client understand why competitors were performing well in this space.

Our research revealed that the biggest diversity gap was in Banking & Financial Services across the UK. In addition, we also highlighted the initiatives that CEOs were making across all industries in the US in order to bridge the diversity gap and create more leadership roles within the black community.


  • Multiple D&I roles in high demand were filled.
  • Availability of CWR & Perm professions in the market helped frame the D&I achievements in relation to market standard for the account.
  • Quarterly reports assisted clients in initiating the beginning stages of workforce planning and influenced the client’s hiring perspective.


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