Become a consultant

Fortify your skills set and take on exciting roles in new industries. 

An enriching route to new horizons

Workforce Consultancy presents an exciting opportunity for graduates, apprentices, and entry-level talent, as well as seasoned professionals. 

As one of our Accelerate or Augment Workforce Consultants, you’ll have the chance to expand your skill set and enjoy all the benefits of working for a leading outsourcing organisation with the ability to have a rewarding career pathway across over 30 global clients.

Early careers

Our Accelerate consultants take part in fully accredited training courses for anything from 1 to 12 weeks. 

These courses cover an array of in-demand technical skills – from Project Management, Business Analysis and Testing to more specialised training in Software Development, DevOps, Cloud and Data. Following this training, our consultants are equipped with a level of commercial experience that’s equivalent to two years’ working experience – and most crucially, the technical skills that our clients are actively looking for. 

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Experienced professionals

Our Augment consultants are permanently employed by Resource Solutions and placed on assignment at one of our 30+ blue chip clients. 

You’ll be assigned a dedicated Service Manager who will be responsible for your wellbeing, performance, and HR needs. We will assign you to a community where you will have the opportunity to develop your skills capability and competencies to deliver high-level services. The client will instruct you on your day-to-day work and job activities. You’ll receive a competitive salary, a range of extensive flexible benefits, plus a performance-related bonus.  

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As a consultant, you'll get:

  • Annual leave
  • Volunteering leave
  • Professional membership
  • Performance-related annual bonus
  • Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) initiatives
  • Learning and Development portal ecosystem
  • Incentive lunches and trips
  • Mentor Programme
  • A community platform
  • A dedicated Service Manager

Kick-start your career journey today

This programme is like no other currently in the market, and at a time when we need to stand together and take care of ourselves, we prepare you for entering the workforce once again.