Workforce planning

When developing optimum recruitment solutions for our clients, there are two main objectives that we need to consider: short term and long term.

Short-term forecasting tends to focus on:

  • High volume roles
  • Hard to fill skill sets
  • Immediate requirements

Whereas long term forecasting is generally used for:

  • Future projects
  • Strategic or business growth
  • Hard to fill skill sets

We understand that no single programme will fit every organisation. This is why our effective HR solutions are tailored to the needs of each particular client.

What are the benefits of workforce planning?

A bespoke workforce planning programme that incorporates employee development and clear career paths, will undoubtedly improve the human resource management system in your organisation. If communicated correctly, workforce planning could help to support employee engagement and retention levels. An effective workforce planning programme can have a positive effect on attrition, brand and culture.

Resource Solutions works closely with our clients to:

  • Understand their long and short term business intentions
  • Design and lead the workforce planning programme
  • Analyse post hiring trends as potential predictors of future patterns
  • Support the definition of both existing & future skills
  • Analyse the skill requirements against the current talent map
  • Consider the effect of changing demographics and future talent expectations
  • Recommend resource requirements
  • Redeploy excess skills through internal mobility or rehousing
  • Coordinate the review and adjustment phase of our HR solutions
  • Design and execute the resourcing strategy

At Resource Solutions, we are passionate about providing extensive support in recruitment forecasting to all of our clients. We utilise historical data like job requisitions, to map where peaks have occurred annually. This allows us to uncover patterns and erratic demands, that are visible across all recruitment activity. As a result, we can ensure that our account teams are properly equipped for any extra recruitment services that may be needed.