Vendor partnering

At Resource Solutions, we believe that optimum talent management can be best achieved through positive working relationships with vendors and suppliers.

As part of the global recruitment services that Resource Solutions offer, we regularly engage with our vendors to ensure that they are simultaneously managed and incentivised. This means that together, we are able to source and supply the most talented candidates to solve your recruitment needs. 

Streamlining the Preferred Supplier List (PSL)

Since 2013, Resource Solutions has enjoyed a strong working relationship with a UK based financial services group, who provide successful RPO and MSP services.

Our dedicated Supply Chain team conducts regular reviews and provides scorecards for the suppliers so they have total visibility of how they are performing.

The Challenge

Resource Solutions had a client who required:

  • Flexibility; so that they could solve a wide range of their recruitment needs

  • Cost-effectiveness; as they wanted to lower the costs associated with having a Preferred Supplier List (PSL)

We recognised that the ability to maintain an effective PSL, where suppliers were consistently motivated and engaged, was key to reaching the highest talent attraction levels for our client. 


Resource Solutions worked closely alongside the given client to streamline their existing list of suppliers. Initially, there were 220 suppliers appointed to the PSL on standardised terms.

As a result of Resource Solutions' on-going review of supplier delivery and performance, we undertook a rationalism programme, which removed over 70 agencies out of the PSL.

This gave our client clear visibility and transparency in regard to suppliers. Our client could now see for themselves, the suppliers who were either not active on the PSL, or not achieving the levels of expected delivery.

Additionally, Resource Solutions has developed an enhanced supplier performance management process. Our dedicated Supply Chain team conducts regular reviews, providing scorecards for the suppliers so that they have total visibility of their performance.

Regular reviews ensure that only the best agencies are maintained as part of the PSL. All of our associated vendors are therefore motivated to continue their supply of the best possible talent and services to the client.