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With increasing global digitalisation, it is vital to know just where to look so that you can search for candidates efficiently, optimising time and resources. Our strategic approach to sourcing new talent enables our clients to target the communities they need to reach in order to find the right talent.

Using social tools as a means of sourcing individuals has many distinct benefits. For example, it allows a recruiter to gauge the personality and character of an individual to determine whether they are aligned to an organisation’s culture and values. It can also be a great way of discovering how well-connected an individual is and whether their relationships would prove beneficial.

CASE STUDY:  Sourcing new talent with Entelo

Entelo is a US-based talent aggregator with embedded predictive analytics and diversity search functionality. The Entelo platform combines machine learning, predictive, behavioural listening and social signals to help recruiters identify, qualify and engage with talent. Entelo is designed to specifically source talent within the tech community.


  • Talent hunting
    Recruiters are able to source candidates using all available social networks and platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and GitHub. By collating data from across the social web, Entelo is often able to source email addresses which can support increased response ratios.
  • Unfair advantage
    Entelo’s predictive analytics feature, ‘More Likely to Move’, claims to identify individuals who have a 30% chance of moving jobs in the next 90 days, which is around 7x higher than average.
  • Diverse talent
    Entelo’s built-in diversity search feature allows recruiters to source by gender, ethnicity and veteran status

Trial and results

We trialled Entelo on-site at a Business Services client in the UK. The trial uncovered that a large number of in-demand talent could be contacted using this new platform:

  • 547 searches performed
  • 60% email open rate
  • 408 candidates contacted
  • Added 385 candidate profiles to recruiter lists/talent pools