Statement of Work (SoW) solutions

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Gain visibility, insight, control and cost efficiencies from the third-party consultancy resources via a Statement of Work (SoW). Resource Solutions has a long history of providing contingent workforce management solutions which enable our clients to access flexible talent whilst at the same time achieving cost savings in a compliant manner.

We work with the leading global VMS providers to ensure we can incorporate the most appropriate technology into our SoW Managed Solutions, meaning we can fit into our client’s existing technology ecosystem or suggest the most appropriate new system.

Benefits of outsouring your SoW:

  • Risk mitigation and compliance
    Ensure everyone coming to work - permanent employees, contingent or third party resource, have been screened and checked to equal standards which match the regulatory requirements of their industry.  

  • Procurement best practice
    Ensure that significant expenditure is managed efficiently, with competitively tendered opportunities to specialist supply chains providing transparent resource rates and being paid for only when agreed milestones are achieved.

  • Total talent acquisition
    Our clients want to be able class everyone who contributes to their ongoing success as part of their ‘total talent’, and this includes SOW consultancy resources.


  • Discovery & Analysis

    We work with clients to help them understand exactly how many consultancy resources are in their business at any one time, who they are, what they are doing and what they cost, as for many companies this is very much an unknown. With this information our clients can build a business case showing the benefits of having a thorough, fully managed SOW service. This information can include tenure, total cost, cost differential against comparable contingent workers with the same skills, identification of ‘bodyshopped’ Limited Company Contractors, cost versus budget, achievement of timescales and milestones, number of suppliers engaged and a heat map of business areas utilising consultancy resource. Once a business case is created and approved we work in partnership to implement the best fit Services Procurement system, and provide industry benchmarked advice enabling the creation of best policy process and policy, to ensure the roll out of a successful managed service.

  • Review & Route Request

    Many of our clients initially utilise a ‘Demand Desk’, assessing incoming SOW requirements from the business with a rule based review to ensure the appropriate sourcing channel is selected. This should ensure that the service provided is the best option in the market, procured in the most cost-effective and compliant manner. If our review process identified that a piece of work could be fulfilled more effectively by a contingent resource, we are able to fulfil this for them using our Managed Service Programme and Supply Chain. By ensuring a robust review happens before resource is committed to, our clients have peace of mind knowing that they won’t end up paying over the market rate for the service delivered.
  • Reporting & Insights

    Our clients receive grater insight about their total talent utilisation and services expenditure because our SOW managed service includes detailed, tailored management information and reporting. We show them, either periodically or real-time, exactly what their engagements are, who is being utilised, how they are tracking against agreed milestones, performance versus budget, spend by category, business area or supplier. We also enable them to track onboarding and offboarding, understand if resources have prior experience with them, effectively resource projects utilising and retain top talent already in the organisation.


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