CASE STUDY: Services Procurement Solution

Resource Solutions was asked by a global investment bank to create a solution that would save money, reduce risk and gain clarity and control of their consultant population.

Our Solution

Resource Solutions developed a Services Procurement programme coupled with a consultancy challenge solution. Our extensive expertise managing consultants, and effectively tracking SoW spend through technology, allowed us to add strategic value to our client’s business.

Providing Visibility and Control

The client believed that they had between 600 - 900 consultants within the business. Our analysis uncovered a headcount of c. 2,000 consultants. To help control this population we introduced a solution to manage new and existing consultants that covered:

  • On-boarding new consultants
  • Inputting and updating consultant details
  • Arranging IT and building access
  • Monitoring milestones and invoicing payment dates
  • Processing renewals for consultants who require extensions
  • Off-boarding consultants when a project finishes and they leave the bank
  • Weekly and monthly reports such as HR feed reports and other MI as required
  • Ensuring non-compliant managers adhered to the new process

Bespoke Contractor Assessment Tool

Our client defined a very clear policy around what was a temporary opening, what was a contractor opening and what was a genuine SoW with defined deliverables. We designed a Red, Amber and Green (RAG) assessment tool to challenge the decision around each requisition.

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