REJOIN testimonial: Finding candidates fulfilling roles with flexibility

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Rejoin connects senior lawyer with fulfilling and flexible role after taking time out for family

I wanted to share my story, as I know how difficult it can be to get back into the workforce once you have taken some time out to have a family. Finding a challenging yet flexible role is especially difficult in the field of law.

I am a mum of two and took a few years out of the legal profession to have and raise my children. When I was ready to return to work, I started to look for roles that reflected my experience, were part time and offered flexible working. Throughout my job search, recruitment consultants told me that these roles were scarce and highly sought after.

I had worked in private practice and in-house previously, and one day when looking through my Facebook news feed on a mums group, I saw a post about working as a professional support lawyer (PSL) at Lexis Nexis—a role which I had not considered. The role was posted by Laura Leviton at Resource Solutions. 

Laura was fully supportive of my return to work and my requirements: a mentally challenging, stimulating and varied role that offered flexible working and, as it turned out, the role she was working on ticked all of these boxes.

Laura helped encourage me prepare for my interviews and gave me tips on how to cover off my gap in employment. I was supported in getting back up to speed with the legal developments that had occurred whilst I was not practicing law. 

I now work alongside experienced lawyers, deal with legal developments as they occur and work in an environment where flexible working is the norm rather than the exception. I have been working in the on the PSL team for a few years and can genuinely say that this is the most interesting and the most flexible legal role that I have had, which fits perfectly around family life.

Thanks for finding me Laura!

Solicitor at Lexis Nexis

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