Refresh with Rejoin

Rejoin the workforce feeling inspired and confident with our Rejoin Coaching Content:
a selection of videos, articles, and interview and CV guides carefully curated for our Rejoiners.

Read/view one content module per week over the course of 12 weeks or do as many as your schedule allows at one time.  We look forward to hearing about your progress. 

WEEK 1: The Call to Courage 
With one of the most viewed TED talks of all time, research professor and best-selling author Dr. Brené Brown challenges you to show up, step into the arena and answer the call to courage.

WEEK 2: CV Writing Tips
Dust off your CV and update your experience using helpful do's and don'ts with advice from professional recruitment consultancy, Robert Walters. 

WEEK 3: A Guide to Believing in Yourself 
Workin' Mums creator, Catherine Reitman, shares her lessons learned in seeing ideas though to their completion, not allowing others to reshape your vision and a little bit about family dynamics. 

WEEK 4: Rejoin Complete Interview Guide
Returning to work from a career break is always difficult regardless of your experience level. We hope you find this guide useful and invite you to book in a call with us to practice your interview skills. 

WEEK 5: Excel at Microsoft Excel
In this video playlist, you’ll learn some tips and tricks to get more done in MS Excel: Find inconsistent data, use the fill handle and format painter, auto update charts, use AutoSum, and more.

WEEK 6: Build Your Brand
Personal branding is a way of reinforcing who you are and what you stand for in your career and life. Read this Forbes article about five ways to build your personal brand at work. 

WEEK 7: Present like a Pro
In this video playlist, you’ll learn some tips and tricks to get more done in Powerpoint: you’ll learn how to duplicate your animations, line up your slides with guides, play audio across your slideshow, and more. 

WEEK 8: How to Deal with Difficult People
Jay Johnson, a trainer specialising in communication and leadership development, shares strategies to master the conflicts created by dealing with difficult people.

WEEK 9: MS Word Refresher
In this video playlist, learn how to produce, polish, and share documents, including using indents and tabs, understanding formatting, adding hyperlinks and columns, using headers and footers, and more.


WEEK 10: How to Speak with Confidence
In this fun and personal talk, author Caroline Goyder shares a story of moving from stage-paralysis to expressive self. She encourages us to use our voice as an instrument and really find the confidence within.

WEEK 11: Master Your Communications
To be a good leader is to contribute to the success and happiness of everyone, at work and at home.The 5 Chairs is a powerful and systematic method which helps to master our own behaviours and manage the behaviours of others.

WEEK 12: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome 
Lou Solomon is a CEO, author and communications expert who is also a survivor of the Impostor Syndrome, a widespread condition that prevents successful people from internalizing and enjoying their accomplishments