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A practical approach to employer brand

What is your organisation’s story and how do you tell it? Today’s candidates are inundated with choice. To truly break through the noise, it is important to help them understand who you are and what you have to offer. 

At Resource Solutions, we make that choice around where to work that much clearer. We know how to tell your story from the perspective of a candidate. Whether you’re talking to an apprentice, a graduate, an experienced hire or c-suite, we make your story relevant. 


The fastest way to great employer communications

A typical EVP project will spend considerable time, and budget, in research, often taking many months to get to any kind of output.

Our sprint methodology is designed to help clients unlock the knowledge already stored in their internal and outsourced teams who deal with client stakeholders and candidates every day.

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  • We use insight to swiftly develop a prototype EVP
  • We craft key messaging that can be put to work quickly and tested live in market
  • We evolve your EVP to meet changing needs or market conditions
  • We analyse research and feedback from the prototype in market, to feed people and culture workstreams, without lengthy and expensive research and consultancy projects


Benefits of a strong EVP

Benefits to our clients:

  • Articulating the EVP across the candidate journey will mean that people will start knowing what to expect from their new employer
  • A strong EVP improves the commitment of new employees and increases the likelihood people will act as advocates (on sites like Glassdoor) whilst decreasing turnover
  • Your recruiters will be able to clearly explain what the work experience will be like, in addition to basics such as skills required, and salary offered


Benefits to your candidates:

  • From first click to offer, candidates get a consistent, consumer-grade candidate experience
  • Clear messaging on social, websites and advertising give candidates the opportunity to opt in or out at a very early stage
  • Candidates are better equipped to make an informed decision and new joiners will be far more engaged and productive from day one



 Our EVP sprint methodology

Our insights provide a useful primer for deeper-dive into culture and people projects and a key tool for socialising EVP with senior stakeholders. 

EVP prototype + 
creative development
Based on our insights, we will develop a prototype to beta test in market, as well as options for tone, look and feel. 


EVP + creative tool kit  
We develop the tools to make an early, on-the-ground impact to create on-brand and on-message marketing materials, and guides to inform conversations.   

Activation workshops 
We deploy practical training to ensure the EVP is implemented in the right way, and to identify where in the employee lifecycle it could have impact.

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