Employer brand consultation

At Resource Solutions, we are constantly striving to improve our clients' existing network connections and online presence, so that the widest possible audience can be reached. We are passionate about fostering strong and loyal relationships between our clients’ potential candidates, (who may well be customers), and their brand.

Our effective talent management solutions are driven by our recruiters' abilities to familiarise themselves with all available opportunities. This results in the skills and knowledge needed to cultivate deep connections on our clients' behalf.

At Resource Solutions, we work closely with our clients' Communcations and Branding teams to: 

  • Understand our clients' brand, strategy and communications plan, so that we can ensure our content is suitable and relevant for optimum talent attraction
  • Develop a consistent and integrated communications plan, that guarantees the distribution of relevant client information and live roles
  • Promote thought leadership and valuable content such as whitepapers, which could be useful for specific talent communities
  • Provide helpful feedback that can support recruitment marketing and strategic business decisions in the future

We are passionate about fostering strong, loyal relationships between our clients’ potential candidates (who may well be customers) and their brand

The importance of having a strong employer brand

Talent sourcing is becoming increasingly important in a competitive market of gifted and empowered candidates. The rise in popularity of digital platforms, such as the internet and social media, mean that potential candidates can research, evaluate and choose employers who they believe compliment their own personal ethos.

As a result of this, now more than ever, employers need to seriously consider the effectiveness of their recruitment strategies. To attract the highest level of talent, employers need to sell themselves to candidates, just as candidates must sell themselves to employers. 

A strong employer brand can:

  • Help foster a cohesive organisational culture
  • Increase the talent pool of candidates applying for live jobs
  • Help your organisation to stand out from other employers
  • Reduce employee turnover due to higher job satisfaction
  • Transform current happy employees into brand ambassadors