Business Transformation

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The Business Transformation team focuses on the design and implementation of RPO, MSP, SoW and VMS projects and programmes, on a global scale. With key hubs in London and Singapore, the team work closely with our clients to guide them through demanding transitions of services. The department is formed of three key teams: Implementation, Transition Management and Process Optimisation. 

The Implementation team embed themselves within the client’s organisation and utilise PRINCE2 Project Management and ADKAR Change Management methodology. Our experienced team uses our proven best practice deployment methodology to ensure a seamless transition, whilst maintaining a positive and informed experience for all those impacted. The Implementation team is supported by a wide range by subject matter experts from Resource Solutions’ Centre of Excellence (CoE), including: Technology, Finance, Legal, Talent Marketing & Insights, Innovation and Supply Chain Management.

Transition Management
Transition Management is fundamental part of the implementation process, responsible for ensuring that new on-site teams are appropriately trained and operational, ahead of service go-live and stabilisation. This includes the knowledge transfer and the strategic development of recruitment tools, frameworks and policies to ensure exceptional operational delivery. 

We believe our industry track-record in transitioning from both in-house teams and incumbent providers is unrivalled and continues to be one of our key competitive strengths. 

Process Optimisation
Our Process Optimisation experts are Lean Competency System (LCS) accredited. The team specialise in using Lean methodologies to promote Continuous Improvement, ensuring processes for new services are highly efficient and effective, eliminating waste and bottlenecks. Adopting Lean ways of working enables our colleagues to focus their time on activities that add value for our clients, their team, and to our whole business.