CASE STUDY: MSP Solutions for Asset Management and IT

Resource Solutions

One of our longest standing clients, an Asset Management house, was building a new global front office business system.

Client challenge: 

This business-critical project required 78 new contractor hires – 55 of which were Technology and Change specialists including Systems Architects, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, System Testers and Quality Assurance professionals.

Our Solution:

  • Early Engagement – Our Account team was heavily involved in early discussions with Hiring Managers prior to internal sign-off, working with different business units to form the resource plan allowing our sourcing team to be proactive in building suitable talent pools and hit the market before the project was underway

  • Single Stage Interviews – The interview process was streamlined to a single client visit in which candidates met all the relevant Hiring Managers on the same day

  • Maximising Referrals – Leveraging the clients’ existing contractor population, our own talent pool and the professional networks of the client’s permanent workforce

  • Regular Check Points –Regularly reviewing the original resourcing plan with the client Programme Manager to provide a real-time picture of any resource gaps in the upcoming phases of the project

  • Gaining Full Value from Contractors – We advised the inclusion of completion bonuses at end of the project to ensure best working behaviours; incentivising contractors to remain until the completion of the project.

MSP Project Successes:

  • We filled all 78 contractor roles within required timescales
  • Of the 78 project requirements, 94% were sourced and filled through non-agency channels. A significant number of referrals were engaged on the project, providing further cost avoidance for our client. 
  • As the project comes to an end, we are managing the offboarding and redeployment of the contractors