Candidate Management in Recruitment I Resource Solutions

From first application, to the post probation stage, we manage candidates in a way that ensures they are supported and feel positively about our clients’ overall recruitment experience from start to finish.

Talented candidates who feel that the recruitment process is not supporting them may remove themselves from the process before being placed, or not apply again. Likewise, poor candidate management can have a severe impact on talent management. A placed candidate who has begun their new position after a poor recruitment experience may carry those feelings of negativity throughout their employment. 

Working with some of the world’s most in-demand brands, we understand that top-tier talent receives a near-constant level of recruiter approaches as well as multiple job offers in today’s fast-paced marketplace. Keeping candidates informed and acknowledging that the process is important to them is key.

Our 'Candidates as Consumers' framework is designed to engage with candidates at each step of their journey and incorporates:

  • Strategically approaching candidates when they are most likely to be interested in moving jobs
  • Creating targeted messaging which is designed to resonate with specific talent communities
  • Personalised careers and EVP content (resulting in exceptionally high response rates in video interviewing)
  • Delivering a high touch recruitment approach with ‘always on’ access to on-site recruiters, coordinators and direct sourcing experts
  • Providing fast and honest feedback at all times, including for unsuccessful candidates
  • Providing post-offer engagement to reduce candidate dropouts through a blend of courtesy calls and welcoming push notifications
  • Delivering an efficient and engaging onboarding experience, leveraging the latest technology to streamline this part of the candidate journey