Unleashing project success: Overcoming the three hiring issues that can hold back projects

Recruitment  •  2 August 2023

Are resourcing and talent acquisition challenges putting your project at risk?

At Resource Solutions, our Workforce Consultancy team speaks every day with business leaders who are planning and executing project resourcing plans.

Whether it is for a single experienced hire, a campaign for entry-level future talent, or even for full project teams – we are trusted to deliver by the UK’s leading organisations.

We are relied upon because our model has significant advantages over conventional hiring practices, which are often laden with three inherent issues that can ultimately hold back project progress.

These are outlined below - if any of these issues resonate with you then we should be talking.

Budget challenges and cost of resourcing

Finding the skills and experience required for a project within budget allocation is often an impossible ask, however we consistently enable both to be achieved.

In the last year we've delivered over 100 Workforce Consultants to our clients at between 60-80% of the cost for equivalent hires made through Consulting firms and the Contractor Market. And we’re on track to save our clients over £5m this year. 

Candidate availability and time to hire

Ongoing compression in the talent market is impacting candidate availability. Good talent is harder to find than ever - and this makes Time to Hire a problem.  

But what if you could secure those candidates who seem unavailable (or only available at inflated cost!).

By offering full employment with the flexibility of client assignments, we attract candidates who would otherwise be unobtainable.

Simply put, we reach and secure the widest possible range of talent.

Legislation, Tenure Policies and loss of experience

Holding contractors in assignment for lengthy periods of time exposes organisations to risks including worker misclassification.

Whilst tenure policies help mitigate this risk, it does also often mean that experienced contractors must leave the organisation – often midway through projects. 

Our Workforce Consultancy model enables organisations to re-engage these individuals without any risk or loss of the critical knowledge and experience held by the resource.  

Here at Workforce Consultancy, we employ, train, mentor, support and deploy a range of exceptional and diverse Talent into our client’s organisations.

From Project & Programme Delivery, Change & Transformation through to In-demand Skills including Software Developers, DevOps, Data Engineers, Data Analysts and Full-Stack Developers - we deliver high value, engaged people resources that that deliver return on investment and power business growth.

To find out more about Resource Solutions’ Workforce Consultancy model and how we can ensure your project resourcing remains on track - saving on cost, reducing time to hire and removing your hiring headaches – get in touch with our team today

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