The State of Candidate Experience

Whitepaper  •  09 March 2023

Candidate experience has become a frequently highlighted topic, with organisations beginning to grasp the true impact it can have on talent attraction and candidate engagement.

In the wake of a decade of change which has seen a shift in the way we work, record breaking inflation, mass redundancies in tech, and skills shortages across every sector, candidate experience is more important than ever. Attracting top talent is tricky, and even more so in the current climate.

In this report, Tom Lakin, Global Practice Director, shares his unique research findings and top tips relating specifically to the application process.

Examining the three areas of speed, transparency, and perception across 100 companies in nine sectors, the report highlights the true impact that candidate experience can have on a talent journey and provides recommendations on how you can improve your own processes.

Download your copy now to request a free mini audit and see how your organisation compares on issues such as:

  • Speed - How quickly can an applicant apply for a role, and does it matter?
  • Transparency - Do applicants understand what they're applying for? 
  • Perception - What does your application process say about your company?

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