The art of empowering talent

Recruitment  •  16 May 2022

An empowering company culture cannot be painted with broad strokes – it requires patience and attention to detail.

This whitepaper, created in collaboration with TALiNT Partners, is the fruit of a virtual roundtable that brought together experts in talent acquisition and HR to share their techniques for attracting and nurturing talent.  

Talent leaders are facing the biggest challenge of their careers. Attracting and retaining the best employees has never been more difficult – staff turnover is at record highs, and the pandemic has forced all organisations to reconsider their approach to the notion of work-life balance. For the foreseeable future, retention will be in a state of flux, rocked by restructuring and upheaval. With working patterns continuing to evolve, talent leaders have the unenviable task of keeping ahead of labour market trends and employee expectations. Finding a balance between the external and internal worlds of talent acquisition and management is one path forward.

Download our “The art of empowering talent” whitepaper to discover how upskilling and internal mobility can be sustainable ways to solve skills gaps in a competitive market.

  • Why talent managers are facing the biggest challenge of their careers
  • What employees really want from their employers
  • How to leverage upskilling and internal mobility to solve your skill shortages 

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